Monkeys 2022 Spring Training Uniform

Who is Tiger, Catfish, Cat Man, Village Chief and International Beauty? It is spring training, and this can only mean one thing, the Monkeys’ nickname uniform is back!

On February 20, the Rakuten Monkeys unveiled their spring training uniform “RISE GREEN” for the 2022 season. As per the Monkeys’ tradition since 2014, the uniform will feature each player’s nickname on the back.

The 2022 spring training uniform design is an extension of the Monkeys’ 2021 Kawasaki Nights uniform. It uses black as the base colour with neon green as contrast down the side and fluorescent cerise as the wordmark.

According to the Monkeys, they will be wearing the RISE GREEN uniform for all the upcoming spring training games. The Monkeys will begin playing spring training games on March 3 and have arranged at least 22 pre-season games (both self-organised and league-organised) before the 2022 Opening Day.


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