Guardians to sign former Lamigo RHP Cory Riordan

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Fubon Guardians News: Cory Riordan

With Scott McGregor struggling and unable to live up to management’s expectation (McGregor gave up 17H, 3HR in 8 innings). The Fubon Guardians are set to sign the former Lamigo Monkeys’ right-hander Cory Riordan.

Riordan was drafted in the sixth round by the Colorado Rockies in 2007 and reached Triple-A within the Rockies organisation. He then spent the 2014 season with the KBO’s LG Twins with the record of 3.96 ERA and 1.27 WHIP over 168 innings.

In 2015, Riordan joined the Lamigo Monkeys after the organisation sold Chris Seddon’s contract to KBO’s SK Wyverns. After just four starts, he was released by the team before the August 31 trade deadline. Riordan left the CPBL with a disappointing 6.96 ERA, 2.23 WHIP over 22 innings of work.

Prior to his return to the CPBL. Riordan spent the first half of the 2017 season in the Atlantic League with a solid record of 3.29 ERA, 1.14 WHIP over 93 innings. It is also worth noting that Riordan was able to go the distance whenever he is on the mound, averaging 6.2 innings per game and with an 8.5 K9 and 1.1 BB9.

Although he is far away from home, Riordan won’t be a total stranger here in CPBL as he will join some of his former Colorado Rockies teammates.

  • 郭勝安 (Kuo Sheng-An): Fubon Guardians
  • Bruce Billings: Uni-Lions
  • 羅錦龍 (Lo Ching-Lung): Uni-Linos

Part of the Most Memorable CPBL Play

Does the name “Cory Riordan” still does not ring a bell? Well, you probably already know him but did not realise it. Riordan was the pitcher in this weird CPBL play which was picked up by several major international media back in 2015.


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