Manny Ramirez Top 10 Moments From 2013 CPBL Season

Manny’s Top 10 Moments During His Time in Taiwan

In 2013, the EDA Rhinos surprised the Taiwanese baseball community by announcing the signing of former Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez. The former MLB superstar spent half a season in the CPBL and left plenty of memorable moments for fans in Taiwan.

With the recent news of Manny Ramirez returning to Taiwan to participate in East Coast League in July. Here are our top ten Manny Ramirez moments during the 2013 CPBL season.

Notes: East Coast League is an invitation semi-pro tournament based in the East Coast of Taiwan.

10First CPBL Home Run

Here’s Ramirez’s first CPBL home run. It is also the 7000th home run in the CPBL history.

9Give Some Water to the Man

After scoring all the way from the first base. The veteran slugger received plenty of water bottles in the Rhinos’ dugout.

8Moon Walking Manny

7Everybody Puts on Dreadlocks to Celebrate Ramirez’s Birthday

6Rookie Day as the Hulk

5Manny on Kiss Cam

4Accidental Hand Holding <3

3Speaking Taiwanese

2Manny Copying Lin Chih-Sheng

1Famous English Play-By-Play Call on Ramirez Home Run

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