Fubon Guardians fully adopt Xinzhuang stadium in 2018

New Taipei City announced Fubon Guardians have secured the operational rights of Xinzhuang stadium (新莊棒球場) for the next 10 years.

The management rights of the 20 years old stadium was up for public tender last month.  Based to the stadium location and the size of the local population, several companies had submitted their bids for the stadium.  Including Fubon Financial, Chinatrust Financial and surprisingly Topco Scientific, an industrial league team.

What’s next for Fubon Guardians & their new home?

According to the Guardians GM.  Guardians will officially takeover Xingzhuang stadium in January 2018, and will go for the franchise development plan of fully localise and integrate with the city.  Instead of travel all over Taiwan, in 2018 all Guardians home games will be at Xingzhuang.

We’ll do our best to upgrade and improve the stadium, from the seating zones, toilets, stadium shops to training facility for the players.  Localisation has always been part of our franchise development plan, that’s the reason why we tender for the stadium, we would like Fubon Guardians and its fans to have their own home” Said Guardians GM Chris Tsai.

20 years old Xinzhuang stadium with the capacity of 12,500

Fubon’s development plan for Xinzhuang stadium

  • Initial investment of 1.46 million USD for stadium upgrade
  • Annual 300,000 USD rent for New Taipei City
  • 3% of the Guardians operational revenue for New Taipei City sports funding
  • Provide at least 45 days a year for New Taipei City to use the stadium.
  • Possible plan of 20% discount for Guardians home game ticket for local resident.


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