Guardians demote several coaches to minor league

Movement at Fubon Guardians camp today.  As the struggling ball club demoted several their top team coaches to the minor league.

Despite winning 2016 Taiwan Series, Guardians seems unable to find their grove in the 2017 season.  Currently at the last place in the overall standings with 22 wins, 46 losses and 2 draws.

Who’s up and who’s down?

  • 余文彬 (Yu Wen-Ping) – 1st team pitching coach -> farm team
  • 張家浩 (Chang Chia-Hao) – base coach -> farm team
  • 郭勇志 (Kuo Yung-Chih) – farm team pitching coach -> 1st team pitching coach
  • 林宗男 (Lin Tsung-Nan) – farm team base coach -> 1st team base coach
  • 林正豐 (Lin Cheng-Feng) – farm team bullpen coach -> 1st team bullpen coach


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