Fubon Guardians announced arm patch for their inaugural season

Fubon Guardians will wear the special arm patch for the 2017 season to celebrate their inaugural season in CPBL.  The golden wreath design symbolised guarding of Fubon’s pride and glory.  While the usage of number 1 instead of the letter I  for “Inaugural” means the organisation goal in 2017 is being first in corporate images & popularity.

Fubon Guardians will have the “Inaugural Season” arm patch for 2017 season

2017 CPBL opening day and Fubon Guardians first home game will be on the 25th March.  The Guardians will take on their 2016 Taiwan Series opponent Chinatrust Brothers.  (Read more about 2016 Taiwan Series here http://cpblstats.com/2016-taiwan-series-review/)

According to several news articles.  All the infield seats for Fubon Guardians 1st home game has been sold out.  On the 20th March, there will be a press conference to announce Guardians’ 2017 uniform.

Fans who purchased the special tickets will receive the limited edition badges.


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