Former Uni-Lions Jair Jurrjens will start against Taiwan in G2 of WBC

After dropping the 1st game 15-7 against team Israel.  Team Taiwan will face Netherlands, with former CPBL Uni-Lions RHP Jair Jurrjens on the mount for team Netherlands.  Jair Jurrjens spent majority of his 2016 season in CPBL until he went on disabled list with groin strain and was released by the Lions in August. Jurrjens left Taiwan with the record of 5.38 ERA, 1.58 WHIP, 90.1 IP with the ERA+ of 110.

This Taiwanese lineup will know what to expect from the former Uni-Lions.  Fielding has been one of Jurrjens major problem in the 2016 season.  It is also worth noting Team Taiwan’s back-up catcher 林琨笙 (Lin Kun-Sheng) is .357/.400/.429 over 14 at bats against Jurrjens in 2016.  Now the question is, will this Taiwanese management team able to utilise that against Jurrjens in a must win game 2 tonight?

Below are Jair Jurrjens 2016 CPBL pitching stats along with the this Taiwanese team lineup batting stats against Jair Jurrjens in 2016.

Jair Jurrjens exits the game on groin strain

Jair Jurrjens snares a comebacker

Jair Jurrjens 2016 CPBL STATS


Team Taiwan hitter batting stats against Jair Jurrjens in 2016

DH胡金龍Hu Chin-LungR/R0.4000.5000.6001.10010402122
LF張志豪Chang Chih-HaoL/R0.2860.2860.2860.5727200101
3B蔣智賢Chiang Chih-HsienL/R0.2500.3330.8001.1335112010
2B林智勝Lin Chih-ShengR/R0.3330.4000.5000.9006200122
1B林益全Lin Yi-ChuanL/R0.5000.5500.7781.32818916120
RF高國輝Kao Kuo-HuiR/R0.2110.3480.4740.82219412441
SS陳鏞基Chen Yung-ChiR/R-----
C鄭達鴻Cheng Ta-HungL/R0.2500.2500.2500.5004101000
CF林哲瑄Lin Che-HsuanR/R0.3500.3810.5500.93120726410
Backup Catcher林琨笙Lin Kun-ShengR/R0.3570.4000.4290.82914500310



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