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CTBC Brothers News: Evan Grills, Takano Keisuke

On October 11, the CTBC Brothers have decided to release two foreign players 高野圭佑 (Takano Keisuke) and Evan Grills. Under the current CPBL foreign players policy, all teams must set their final four foreign players on their active roster before October 12.

Notes: For the Dragons, as part of an expansion team incentive, their limit is five players.

According to the Brothers organisation, they will keep José De Paula, Esmil Rogers, Shawn Morimando and José Valdez for the remaining of the 2021 CPBL season.

Evan Grills, the 29-year-old Canadian left-hander, received the 1st-team call up around mid-August. He only started three games before landing on the injured list with a leg injury.

During those three games, Evan Grills posted a 5.82 ERA and 1.35 WHIP over 17 innings.

“Although he is scheduled to return at the end of October, there’s just too much uncertainty with his condition,” said the Brothers manager.

Another foreign player the Brothers parted ways with was Takano Keisuke. The 29-year-old Japanese right-hander was originally signed to a tryout contract and spent most of his 2021 season in the CPBL minor league.

Takano Keisuke eventually received his 1st team opportunity last weekend. He pitched 1.2 innings with two strikeouts and gave up one earned run against the Guardians as a reliever.

“He only had one game to showcase himself in the first team,” said the Brothers manager. “We will discuss with our scouts, and maybe there’s an opportunity to bring him back for spring training next year.”

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Foreign players come and goes, therefore we compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players signing for the 2021 CPBL season.


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