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CTBC Brothers News: Nick Kingham

On July 13, the CTBC Brothers announced the release of Nick Kingham. According to the team, Kingham has decided to hang up the cleats and retire from baseball.

The 31-year-old American right-hander joined the Brothers as a mid-season signing but had problems adjusting to pitching the CPBL. He finished the 2023 CPBL season with a 7.71 ERA and 1.54 WHIP over 23.1 innings.

“I just wanted to say to the Brothers fans that I’m sorry things didn’t work out. Thank you for welcoming me to the Brothers organisation and rooting for me. I will always have a special place for Taiwan in my heart,” said Nick Kingham.

“I think his performance wasn’t that bad. Yes, he struggled more in his first game, but after that first game, Nick Kingham sort of figured out how to pitch in the CPBL,” said the Brothers’ manager. “He told me that his physical condition was not as good as before and couldn’t continue anymore. I fully respect his decision and wish him all the best.”

With the departure of Nick Kingham, the Brothers now have José De Paula, Francisco Peña, Tyler Viza and Emilio Vargas as their foreign player on the active roster.

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