Chunghwa Telecom to Sponsor 2021 Taiwan Series

On November 12, the CPBL announced that Chunghwa Telecom will be the title sponsor for the 2021 Taiwan Series. The 2021 CPBL Championship series would be called the “2021 CPBL Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan Series”.

Last month, Chunghwa Telecom was named one of the potential expansion team candidates as several media outlets indicated that Chunghwa Telecom has expressed interest in becoming the sixth team.

The CPBL commissioner also visited Chunghwa Telecom’s headquarter and met up with the company’s senior management. Perhaps this naming rights sponsoring is Taiwan’s leading telecommunication company dipping its toe to test the water?

On November 10, Chunghwa Telecom reported its October earnings. The company recorded a revenue of 630 million USD and a net profit of US$ 98.6 for the month.


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