Chinatrust Brothers manager Cory Snyder given contract extension

Chinatrust Brothers have announced they’re extending skipper Cory Snyder’s contract through 2018 season.  At the same time adding a few more positions within the organisation, including a farm director for players development, which have been on the wish list for many Brothers fans for a long time.

Chinatrust Brothers Coaching Movement

  • Manager – Cory Snyder – Contract extended until the end of 2018 season
  • Bench Coach – 丘昌榮 (Chiu Chang-Jung) – Will take on the farm director position in the minor league.  Chiu will report directly to the top team manager and the GM.
  • Former Brothers coach (2009-2016) 林明憲 (Lin Ming-Hsien) will return as defense coach.

Despite rumours, Cory Synder is here to stay

Since Snyder took over the position as the top team manager in 2017.  There’s always rumour on the side that a few players within the organisation aren’t happy with him.  But with this move by the Brothers front office, it is basically telling those players that Snyder is here to stay, either you change or you get off the boat.

Here’s a video of Snyder thanking Brothers fans at a post-game concert.


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