The popular Uni-Lions’ HERO uniform is back once again!  Earlier today Uni-Lions have unveiled the 3rd generation of the HERO uniform which the team will be wearing for the first 2 weeks in September.

The “magical” uniform which gives offensive buff is back once again in 2017 season!

Meaning behind HERO uniform and #1

The whole idea of the HERO uniform started in the 2015 season, where Uni-Lions decided to host an event dedicated to their fans.  Throughout the duration of the HERO event, apart from wearing the special uniform, all the players will be wearing the #1.  As in the organisation’s mind the fans are their #1 hero.

Mysterious magical power (Offensive buff)

The HERO uniforms is also nicknamed as the “magical uniform” to many baseball fans in Taiwan.  Wherever Uni-Lions puts on that particular uniform, they seems to get some sort of offensive buff in their lineup.  In 2015, Lions have won both games against Rhinos 21 to 1 and 10 to 5.

Uni-Lions HERO 3.0 uniform promotional poster. Photo Credit: (Uni-Lions Facebook)


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