Team Taiwan Announce 2017 U18 Baseball World Cup Roster

Team Taiwan have announced the final 20-man roster for the upcoming WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup in Thunder Bay, Canada (1-10 September).  The 2017 Taiwanese team also have 3 players that were drafted in the recent 2017 CPBL draft, and will turn professional after this tournament.

2017 U18 World Cup format

It’s a 12 countries tournament split into 2 groups.  Team Taiwan will play in Group A along with South Korea, Australia, Italy, Nicaragua and the tournament host Canada.  While at Group B we have Japan, USA, Cuba, Netherlands, Mexico and South Africa.

WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup format. Photo Credit: (

Team Taiwan Schedule

  • 1st September 18:30 – vs Canada
  • 2nd September 09:00 – vs Korea
  • 3rd September 09:00 – vs Italy
  • 4th September 09:30 – vs Australia
  • 5th September 14:00 – vs Nicaragua

2017 Team Taiwan U-18 Roster

Meet your 2017 Taiwanese U18 National Team. Photo Credit: (
PositionNameNameHeight/Weight (cm/kg)
P林鋅杰Lin Hsin-Chieh189/81
P萬昭清Wan Chao-Ching176/69
P林瑞祥Lin Jui-Hsiang172/66
P徐基麟Hsu Chi-Lin187/75
P王志庭Wang Chih-Ting183/90
P陳柏豪Chen Po-Hao177/70
P吳世豪Wu Shih-Hao180/70
P古林睿煬Gu Lin Ruei-Yang183/81
P朱益生Chu Yi-Sheng180/70
C蘇煒智Su Wei-Chih172/72
C李丞齡Li Cheng-Ling175/70
IF曾翰宇Tseng Han-Yu171/68
IF王泓逸Wang Hung-Yi170/65
IF劉致榮Liu Chih-Jung180/68
IF李育全Li Yu-Chuan180/79
IF郭天信Kuo Tien-Hsin173/63
OF邱志恆Chiu Chih-Heng177/73
OF邱丹Chiu Tan173/69
OF朱麥可Chu Mai-Ko174/65
OF戴焙麟Tai Pei-Lin177/80

U-18 Player Profiles

We won’t be going deep covering with all the players, but will do a few quick profiles on a few notable players and the probable starting pitchers of this Taiwanese squad.

萬昭清 (Wan Chao-Ching) RP

The two-way player was drafted in the 4th round by Lamigo Monkeys in 2017.  Despite being a competent batter, Wan will be use predominantly as a reliever in this tournament, unless there’s a fielder out on injury.

陳柏豪 (Chen Po-Hao) RP

The young RHP was drafted in the 3rd round by Chinatrust Brothers in 2017.  Chen is able to hit 145kph (90mph) on the radar and will take up the closer role for Team Taiwan.  In order to protect its player, Brothers have set a pitch count restriction on Chen throughout the duration of the tournament.

吳世豪 (Wu Shih-Hao) RP

4th round pick by Fubon Guardians.  Wu’s fastball is topping at 147kph (91mph) is expect to pitch out of the bullpen as a middle reliever.

Probable Starting Pitchers

林鋅杰 (Lin Hsin-Chieh) SP

The 2017 E-Sun Cup MVP 林鋅杰 (Lin Hsin-Chieh) is expect to start against Team Canada in game 1.  The 18-year-old RHP is able to hit 149kph (93mph) on the gun, and will most likely to continue his study in the university next year and hoping to get the opportunity to play oversea.

劉致榮 (Liu Chih-Jung) SP

Another 2-way player that’s able to play middle infield if needed, at the same time hitting 147kph (91mph) on the gun.  Liu is expect to pitch against South Korea in Game 2 of the tournament.

王志庭 (Wang Chih-Ting) SP

The young LHP is able to hit 148kph (92mph) and also have a 2-seamer with decent movement.  In 2017 E-Sun Cup, Wang pitched 20.1 innings, gave up 8 hits while struck out 17.  This will be the first time Wang playing for the Taiwanese junior national team.

U-18 then, MLB in 2017

Here’s a look back on 2 previous members of the Taiwanese U-18 team.  We’ve seen Red Sox’s 林子偉 (Tzu-Wei Lin) & Brewers 王維中 (Wang Wei-Chung) made it to the big league in 2017.  While many of their teammates are currently playing professionally in the MiLB, NPB or in CPBL.


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