Everyone loves camping, but have you tried camping inside a professional baseball stadium?  Lamigo Monkeys have announced their first off-season event “Let’s Go Camping”, which allowing 200 lucky fans to camp at Taoyuan stadium from 17 to 19th of November.

Promotional poster of Lamigo Monkeys new event, camping inside the stadium
Lamigo Monkeys announced new off-season events. Camping at Taoyuan baseball stadium.

Let’s go camping: All you need to know

Here are a few things fans can expect during this unique camping trip at baseball stadium.

  • Full stadium tour.
  • All the meals are provided.
  • Meeting Lamigo Monkeys players.
  • Coaching lessons from Monkeys players.
  • T-Ball competitions.
  • Watching Team Taiwan taking on Japan and Korea at Asia Professional Baseball Championship on the stadium big screen.
  • Cost per person around $75 USD each.


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