Immaculate Inning: Ariel Miranda

What is the quickest way to enter the CPBL history book? Well, striking out three batters using just nine pitches is one of the fastest methods. On August 5, the CTBC Brothers’ Ariel Miranda did precisely that by throwing an immaculate inning against the Uni-Lions.

According to the league, that was the fifth immaculate inning in the CPBL history. Below is the list of four players that threw an immaculate inning in the CPBL.

  • 2002 – John Burgos
  • 2003 – John Burgos
  • 2004 – Mike Garcia
  • 2009 – Ryokan Kobayashi
  • 2020 – Ariel Miranda

Apart from throwing an immaculate inning, the 31-year-old Cuban left-hander also set a brand new CPBL record yesterday, as he struck out four using only 12 pitches.

Ariel Miranda’s Immaculate Inning Pitch Log

  • Tang Chao-Ting
  • 1st pitch – fastball (142kph)
  • 2nd pitch – fastball (148kph)
  • 3rd pitch – forkball (133kph)
  • First strikeout 
  • Lin Tzu-Chieh
  • 4th pitch – fastball (149kph)
  • 5th pitch – slider (134kph)
  • 6th pitch – fastball (149kph)
  • Second strikeout
  • Lin Ching-Kai
  • 7th pitch – fastball (148kph)
  • 8th pitch – fastball (150kph)
  • 9th pitch – changeup (129kph)
  • Third strikeout


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