Zack Segovia: King of the MVP dance and Taiwan night market

Lamigo Monkeys’ Zack Segovia has earned his first home game MVP after the stellar performance against Fubon Guardians where Segovia pitched 6.1 scoreless innings with 8 strikeouts.  With Monkeys 5-3 win over the Guardians, which extend their current winning streak to 7 games.

Zack Segovia getting his first game MVP. Photo credit: (CPBL TV)

With win number 6 in the bag for Segovia (Only second to fellow Monkeys pitchers Zeke Spruill), he also ranked 3rd in the ERA leaderboard with 3.22 and ranked 4th in WHIP with 1.23.  But what attracts Segovia Segovia apart from the honor of receiving the MVP is the opportunity to take part in the MVP dance in front of Lamigo fans.

The MVP dance is a part of the Taiwan baseball tradition, where the MVP will dance with the cheerleaders after the interview.  It is now part of the Monkeys baseball culture where athletes could enjoy the fun after the ball game and also entertain fans and teammates.

Segovia mentioned in the interview that he really likes the Monkeys cheerleading songs, it’s was so catchy even after the 2016 season was over he still found himself humming it from time to time.  This is not the first time for Segovia to win the MVP, but it is his first time winning it at home.  He hopes to make more contribution to the team and if there’s a chance he would like to dance once again when his family come visit in June.

King of dance – Segovia leading MVP dance “Speed up! Lamigo Fighters!” 

King of Taiwan night market

If there is a blacklist for pitching games at the Taiwan night market, then all professional baseball player should be on the list.  [NOTE] In Taiwan night market, there’s baseball street game, where people will get a chance to win prizes by knocking down targets inside a 3×3 grid.

Segovia playing pitching game at Taiwan night market. Photo credit (TSNA Facebook)

One of the leisure for Segovia in Taiwan is heading to the night market and playing the pitching games.  His good control and 150kph fastball has slaughtered the street game, winning him numerous prizes.  When asked what is he going to do with all the plush dolls he won from the street game?  Segovia said the next time he win home game MVP, he will be giving away those to Lamigo fans.

See the video of Segovia dominating night market street game.

Prizes Segovia won at Bade night market. Photo credit: (TSNA Facebook)

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