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Wei Chuan Dragons News: Mitch Lambson

On June 12, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs of the Atlantic League announced that the Wei Chuan Dragons purchased the contract for Mitch Lambson and signed him for the 2023 CPBL season.

Mitch Lambson began his professional career in 2011 with the Houston Astros system. He never made it to the major league but reached Triple-A with the Astros, Braves and Brewers organisation. In his two Triple-A seasons, he built a 3.38 ERA over 32 innings.

After leaving affiliated baseball in 2017, Mitch Lambson wound up pitching in the American Association, Mexican League, Mexican Winter League, Atlantic League and Dominican Winter League.

In 2022, Mitch Lambson spent the whole season pitching in the Atlantic League and posted a 3.60 ERA and 1.21 WHIP over 162.2 innings. He returned to the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs of the Atlantic League in 2023, and prior to the signing with the Dragons, he had a 2.33 ERA over eight starts and 54 innings.

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Foreign players comes and goes, therefore we compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players signing for the 2023 CPBL season.


  1. What kind of stuff does he have because I can’t find anything on him regarding his pitch mix. I’m guessing he’s probably the typical soft tossing lefty with a good changeup and control based on his rate stats.

    • Always a bit hard to find this sort of stuff with pitchers from the Atlantic League. It’s mid-season signings, so probably won’t be top of the range.

  2. Lambson is an Indy-A player of the type CPBL teams used to sign a lot before 2020. He’s getting up there in age, but he’s a fairly obvious candidate if CPBL teams are going to go back to signing Indy-A pitchers as mid-season replacements.

    • I wonder if that got anything to do with a much higher buyout price from Mexican League? But at the same time, with the de-juiced ball, maybe independent league pitchers would do okay in the CPBL.


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