The Uni-Lions have announced “SWING TAINAN”, an independent music festival theme nights on May 12-13 at the Tainan Stadium.

With the idea of combining the Uni-Lions’ spirits and the city’s unique indie music scene, the weekend music event will feature local musicians from the city of Tainan.

From psychedelic rock to punk, to synth and to hip-hop, the Uni-Lions’ Music Festival Theme Nights is a must see event for those that are interested in the Taiwanese indie music.


鐵擊 (Iron Punch)

ゲシュタルト乙女 (Gestalt Girl)

人人有功練 (Kung-Fu Entertainment)

烏賊紳士 (GentleSquid)

晨曦光廊 (Sun Of Morning)

薄荷綠工廠 (Mint Green Mill)

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秋梅 (Chill Man)


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