Rakuten Monkeys Showcase New Logo

On February 23, the Rakuten Monkeys showcased their team logo and mascot heading into their first season in the CPBL. The team also announced that fans would decide the mascot name once the official website is up and running.

According to the Monkeys’ press release, the ape logo is created by a Japanese artist along with the Rakuten design department. It utilised the concept of less is more by using more rounded and simplistic outlines.

The design has the lively and cute elements of the NPB mascots, at the same time, retaining the Taiwanese culture. The idea is to display a playful, naughty, cute and confident characteristic for the mascot.

“I wish the Monkeys’ fans would fall in love this new mascot,” said the Monkeys’ co-general manager, Kawada Yoshinori (川田喜則). “Apart from the integration of the Taiwanese-Japanese cultures, we wanted to create a logo beloved by all generations.”



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