Lamigo Monkeys set CPBL record with 20 SO in a game

Lamigo Monkeys pitchers Chu Chun-Hsiang, Lin Po-Yu, Zeke Spruill.

Lamigo Monkeys pitchers have set a CPBL record for the most strikeouts in a single game on the 5th of May at Taoyuan stadium.  Current triple crown winner Zeke Spurill started with 12K right out of the gate, followed by set-up man 林柏佑 (Lin Po-Yu) with 5K and the flame-throwing youngster 朱俊祥 (Chu Chun-Hsiang) makes a perfect close of the game with 3K in their 13-to-4 win against the Uni-Lions.

Video of Lamigo Monkeys 20 strikeouts highlight 

Interestingly enough, the former strikeouts record was set by the Uni-Lions in 2006, when they strikeout 19 against the Chinatrust Whales.  However, this year the Uni-Lions has become the receiving end of the CPBL record.

This is not the first time Lamigo Monkeys danced with strikeout record too.  In July 2015, Lamigo broke the franchise record with 17 strikeouts against Uni-Lions.

Success Factors: Power Pitchers

Zeke Spruill has once again shown great dominance against the Uni-Lions lineup by striking out 12 in six innings. What’s more amazing is that among his 102 pitches, 48 exceeds 150kph (94mph).

Set-up man 林柏佑 (Lin Po-Yu) continued in the 7th and 8th inning with 5 strikeouts, including three consecutive strikeouts on top of 8th.

To close the game, Monkeys sent out their 22-year-old hard-throwing youngster Chu Chun-Hsiang to the mound and Chu did not disappoint the management pitched a perfect 3 strikeouts inning and registered the record breaking 20th strikeouts for Lamigo Monkeys.

Chu uses his best weapon – Fastballs.  Among the 11 fastballs he pitched yesterday, 10 of them blasted over 150kph (94mph) at the same time Chu broke his personal record with one of his pitched clocked at 154kph (97mph).

A little short recap, Chu was involved in a serious car accident with open fractures in his right tibia and fibula in 2014.  This is his first season in the top team since his accident. (Here’s more on Chu Chun-Hsiang)

Lamigo Pitchers can really strike out batters.

Here’s the top 5 ranking in the K9 leaderboard.  (Only include pitchers with SO over 10)

Rank Name Team IP K K/9
1 Chu Chun-Hsiang Monkeys 6.1 11 15.6
2 Mike Loree Guardians 20.0 26 11.7
3 Lin Po-Yu Monkeys 11.0 14 11.5
4 Chen Yu-Hsun Monkeys 16.1 19 10.5
5 Chiang Chung-Cheng Brothers 16.2 19 10.3
12 Zeke Zpruill Monkeys 46.1 46 8.9



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