Taiwan Mobile Unveils $1.01B Acquisition Plan

On December 30, Taiwan Mobile announced its plan to acquire Taiwan Star Telecom for roughly 1.01 billion USD. The deal is currently pending approval from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission and Fair Trade Commission.

After the acquisition, Taiwan Mobile is expected to increase its active subscribers to 9.76 million, narrowing the gap with the market leader Chunghwa Telecom, which have 10.6 million subscribers.

Note: We use the exchange rate of 1 USD for 27.7 NTD.

What is the CPBL Connection?

So, what does all this have to do with the CPBL? Well, because this acquisition involves a few CPBL teams’ parent companies.

Taiwan Mobile is a subsidiary of the Fubon Group, and they currently have a market share of 24.1%. Taiwan Star Telecom is owned by the Ting Hsin Group, the parent company of the Wei Chuan Dragons, and they have roughly 8% market share.

As for Chunghwa Telecom, which leads the market with a 36% market share, they are rumoured to be one of the potential expansion team candidates.


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