2016 mid-season draft result – First 5 round pick info

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Definitely the biggest winner of this year draft with the 蘇智傑 & 陳傑憲 to cover their infield. and also the flame throwing lefty 王玉譜.

Lions Name R/L DOB H/W Postion Level Video
1st round 蘇智傑 L 1994/28/07 180/88 1B/2B/OF CCU (U) https://youtu.be/OLvxZTklFK8
2nd round 陳傑憲 L 1994/07/01 175/75 IF/OF/SS TWPower (IND) https://youtu.be/NmW7anp-f5k
3rd round 陳育軒 R 1995/25/10 177/72 P NTSU (U) https://youtu.be/14_OPSo_alg
4th round 王玉譜 L 1996/18/01 184/81 P KNU (U) https://youtu.be/OHVhe-R3ryY
5th round 潘彥廷 L 1994/03/02 184/78 IF CCU (U) https://youtu.be/amlsNmJMS1U


With rumour that Organisation only have the budget of 10 million NTD for this year’s draft. As expected Rhinos picked up bunch of high school players. With 申皓瑋 being one of the big one which Brothers and Monkeys are eyeing for. Now we wait and see if they are able to sign any of those players.

Rhinos Name R/L DOB H/W Postion Level Video
1st round 申皓瑋 R 1997/12/09 183/75 OF KYVS (HS) https://youtu.be/7i71v_sKilQ
2nd round 陳仕朋 L 1997/20/09 182/80 P SYSH (HS) https://youtu.be/wNwdLrHoPRg
3rd round 李宗賢 R 1994/29/06 177/67 IF NTSU (U) https://youtu.be/iWGe8HJkUGg
4th round 陳明軒 R 1993/17/09 178/74 P KNU (U) https://youtu.be/aMCelwRJazY
5th round 張冠廷 L 1998/01/09 184/83 C MHSH (HS)

Chinatrust Brothers

Going heavily with young hardthrowing pitchers this year with 陳琥 & 楊志龍 and a nice pick up with a quality CF 詹子賢.

Brothers Name R/L DOB H/W Postion Level Video
1st round 陳琥 R 1998/29/04 180/99 P/IF KPVS (HS) https://youtu.be/Tt2-o_RoZCU
2nd round 詹子賢 R 1994/24/02 183/93 IF/OF CCU (U) https://youtu.be/mkR49xNnJEU
3rd round 楊志龍 R 1993/27/04 189/95 P Nat Dev (IND) https://youtu.be/JeyHbx7uHzo
4th round 吳東融 R 1991/29/09 173/70 IF/OF Topco (IND) https://youtu.be/deDUn3xmTq0
5th round 林書逸 L 1993/20/05 181/78 IF/OF Nat Dev (IND) https://youtu.be/v9Lb3xKF5AY

Lamigo Monkeys

Being 4th in the draft order. Monkeys got their catcher department covered with 張閔勛 and surprisingly able to pick up 楊岱均 in the 2nd round. Also a hard-throwing righty 森榮鴻

Monkeys Name R/L DOB H/W Postion Level Video
1st round 張閔勛 R 1994/08/08 177/77 C CCU (U) https://youtu.be/Ig3oGpjNLp0
2nd round 楊岱均 R 1993/19/09 175/85 1B/2B NTSU (U) https://youtu.be/hTRuNdyzKoY
3rd round 劉昱言 L 1994/27/07 176/67 P KNU (U) https://youtu.be/XQMVZ-4Q014
4th round 森榮鴻 R 1994/20/08 183/83 P NTSU (U) https://youtu.be/xaMngz0kXQ8
5th round 馮健庭 R 1992/05/01 182/85 SS Topco (IND) https://youtu.be/EKUwmfNuc4s


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