New Taiwan Series Championship Trophy

Happy retirement, Fisto! After 31 years of service, the CPBL is moving away from the old “hand gripping a forkball” trophy.

On November 27, the CPBL commissioner unveiled the newly designed Taiwan Series championship trophy.

The new trophy design concept is centred around the “CPBL logo man”. Instead of just having the head and arms, the logo man now has a body connecting to the base of the trophy.

According to the league’s statement, the “logo man” shows the players’ persistence in baseball and their desire for the championship.

The base of the trophy incorporates the shape of a baseball and will have the championship team name engraved on it. It symbolises the spirit of teamwork and unity in sports. As for the overall trophy colour scheme, it uses black and gold, which represents calm and glory.


  1. The trophies I like best are the ones like pro hockey’s Stanley Cup, where the name of each champion each season is added to the body of the trophy and the year’s winner gets possession of the trophy until the next champion wins the year.

    Baseball kind of does away with that as the tradition of championship rings means that each player gets a personal trophy of the won-it-all season. I like that tradition too.

  2. Now that the Brothers have smothered the Uni-Lions and the 2021 CPBL season is over, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on what has made Jose De Paula the undisputed ace of the CPBL the last two years. The only thing that I can think of is that he has finally been healthy for several years in a row after a six year period from 2012 to 2017 where he appears to have been hurt at some time every year.

    • Height advantage and also he throws strikes and doesn’t issue that much walks. Basically he is someone who has velocity, command, vertical movement breaking pitches and stamina. Normally a foreign just need to meet maybe 2.5 out 4 those categories to be successful in the CPBL. Jose De Paula met all four categories in my opinion.


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