CPBL to Increase Fans Limit From 1000 to 2000 on May 15

New Limit: 1000 to 2000 Fans Per Game

Starting May 15, Taiwan’s CPBL will increase the number of fans from 1000 to 2000 per game. The CPBL submitted the 2000 fans per game proposal to Taiwan CDC on May 11 and the CDC approved it on May 14.

According to the CDC family members can now sit next to each other during the game. Although fans still can not bring foods and drinks from outside, however, teams can now sell pre-packed boxed meals at the game.

As of May 14, there have been 440 confirmed cases with 383 recovered and seven death in Taiwan. The country has extended its streak of no new domestic cases to 32 days.


    • That’s Lin An-Ko, used to be a highly touted pitching prospect during his university day. Left-hander with 148kph fastball velocity and represented Taiwan in U-18 and U-23 Baseball World Cup in the past.

      If healthy, he was one of those amateur players that would get a MLB or NPB contact (Phillies were scouting him pretty heavily and he was on Rakuten Eagles, Yomiuri Giants and Seibu Lions’ radar). But unfortunately, he ran into some arm problem due to overusage. So he entered the CPBL draft.

      The Uni-Lions originally planning to use him as a 2-way player, but it didn’t pan out during spring training, so right now, he just focusing on being an outfielder. (He had OF experience in high school and university)

      I think eventually we will see him getting another shot as a starting pitcher. Just need to give him some time off to rest properly. Because his true value is he has the potential to be a #3 or #4 starting pitcher for the Uni-Lions.

      Since his amateur day, Lin is the type of player who can hit, but because he also a very good pitcher, so he spent most of his amateur as a pitcher.

    • Lorre was going to start yesterday but the game was rained out. Both Mike Loree and Mitch Lively will start today.


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