2019 Taiwan Series: Monkeys vs Brothers

The CPBL has announced the 2019 Taiwan Series schedule. The Lamigo Monkeys will take on the Chinatrust Brothers in a best-of-seven series from October 12-20.

With the Monkeys having the best full-season overall win percentage, they will have the home-field advantage with four home games. As per CPBL post-season rule, each team will be able to expand its current 26-man roster to 28 players.

  • G1 – OCT 12: Brothers @ Monkeys, Taoyuan, 17:00
  • G2 – OCT 13: Brothers @ Monkeys, Taoyuan, 17:00
  • G3 – OCT 15: Monkeys @ Brothers, Taichung, 18:30
  • G4 – OCT 16: Monkeys @ Brothers, Taichung, 18:30
  • G5 – OCT 17: Monkeys @ Brothers, Taichung, 18:30
  • G6 – OCT 19: Brothers @ Monkeys, Taoyuan, 17:00
  • G7 – OCT 20: Brothers @ Monkeys, Taoyuan, 17:00


  1. Who do you like? The Monkeys looked like they couldn’t be beat in the first half, but the Brothers were terrific in the second half. Is there any advantage in terms of Taiwan Series outcomes to being the team that wins the second half, since that is usually the hotter team going into the series?

    • I will be backing my Monkeys, I hope they can get another Taiwan Series, it would be a good ending to wrap up the “Lamigo” era. The Brothers are unstoppable in the 2nd half season. Elih Villanueva pitched way better than I expected in September. It is going to be a tough battle. Might see it go to Game 5 or 6.

      As for the question, traditionally speaking, team won 2nd half season tend to win the Taiwan Series. In the past 29 seasons, there have been 20 cases, 2nd half season winner won 14 out of 20.

      However, if you break down the data more you’ll find these days not so much of a difference. If we compare data after 2005. There are 9 cases, 2nd half season winner only won 4 out of 9. It is the 1st half season winner that have the advantage.


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