Theme Night Schedule for 2023 CPBL Season

The 2023 CPBL season is just around the corner, with all the teams across the league preparing for the Opening Day on April 1.

As always, the five CPBL teams have unveiled an impressive lineup of theme nights that promises to make each game even more memorable and keep their fans engaged and entertained throughout the season.

Jazz Night? SpongeBob Night? Temple Night? Baseball Boyfriends Night? Karaoke Night? So, which theme night is the one you most look forward to?

CTBC Brothers 2023 Theme Night Schedule (1st Half)

  • April 1-2: Opening Night / Peng Cheng-Min Night. Additional Notes: Peng Cheng-Min is a former Brothers player, he is considered to be one of the greatest hitters in CPBL history. Peng currently works as the Farm Director for the Brothers organisation.
  • April 22-23: Kids Night
  • May 5-7: SpongeBob Night
  • May 27-28: Night Market Night
  • June 10-11: Hanshin Tigers Night. Additional Notes: This theme night is technically “Koshien Stadium” night, but the Hanshin Tigers were heavily featured in the past.
  • June 22-24: Zeapri Night

Rakuten Monkeys 2023 Theme Night Schedule (1st Half)

  • April 2: Home Opener
  • April 14: Singles Night (Black Valentine’s)
  • April 15-16: Earth Night
  • April 28: Office Workers Night
  • May 6-7: FamilyMart Night
  • May 20-21: Electrolux Night
  • May 26: Pets Night
  • June 2-4: Purple Party Music Festival
  • June 16-17: Classical & Jazz Night
  • June 22-25: Korea Night

Wei Chuan Dragons 2023 Theme Night Schedule (1st Half Season)

  • April 7-9: Opening Series
  • April 29-30: Karaoke Night
  • May 9-21: Berserk Dragon Month
  • June 10-11: Pets Night
  • June 24-25: Dragons Beauties Night

Uni-Lions 2023 Theme Night Schedule (1st Half)

  • April 3-9: Opening Series
  • April 22-23: P. League Lioneers Night
  • May 12-14: Temple Night
  • June 3-4: Popeye Night
  • June 13-18: Tainan 400 Night. Additional Notes: The City of Tainan is turning 400 years old in 2024.

Fubon Guardians 2023 Theme Night Schedule (1st Half)

  • April 3-5: Opening Series
  • April 15-16: Earth Day
  • April 29-30: Kids Night
  • May 13-14: Baseball Boyfriends Night
  • May 27-28: Mike Loree Night. Additional Notes: Mike Loree is considered to be one of the greatest CPBL foreign players, he announced his retirement last year after playing 10 seasons in the CPBL.
  • June 18: Summer Night
  • July 1: Travel Night


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