Chinatrust Brothers released new theme songs for players

Chinatrust Brothers have released brand new theme songs for their players today.  According to the organization the idea is to have original composed themes with the added touch of ska / rock vibe to it.  As always, the themes will be played by the Brothers trumpet group.

 (陳子豪 Chen Tzu-Hao’s new theme song)

Not all Brothers players will be getting a themes though.  A few Brothers players will still use their old theme songs this year.  As those themes are well-received by fans there’s no plan to change it.

(One of fans favourites: 蔣智賢 Chiang Chih-Hsien’s theme song)

(One classic will stay in 2017 彭政閔 Peng Cheng-Min’s theme song)

Full playlist for Chinatrust Brothers theme songs and chant


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