Despite rain, Lamigo set record high in 2017 attendance last night

The magic number: 14,112

After last night’s win against Chinatrust Brothers.  Lamigo Monkeys has set the franchise record with 10 consecutive home game wins.  Apart from setting the home game win streak record, they also achieved the highest record in attendance in 2017 CPBL season with 14,112.

CPBL has gone through 39 games so far, with Fubon Guardians’ opening day previously topping the 2017 attendance record with 12,500.  But now, the 2017 record has been been broken by Lamigo Monkeys with 14,112 last night against Chinatrust Brothers.  Which is not a surprise since those two teams are very popular in Taiwan, anyway weekend match-up featuring those 2 teams always guarantee to be a blockbuster.

14,112 attendances at Taoyuan baseball park watching Brothers vs Monkeys.

The highest attendance in CPBL history was 20,052, which was set by Lamigo Monkeys back in 2016 for Taiwanese baseball legend 陳金鋒 (Chen Chin-Feng) retirement ceremony.

Lamigo Monkeys is thriving with popularity since their relocation to Taoyuan city in 2011 with the goal of focusing in a single city rather than traveling all over Taiwan.  With that strategy, it seems to be working so far for the Monkeys, as they overtake Chinatrust Brothers and becomes the leagues most popular team since the 2014 season.

With 39 games into the 2017 season, Monkeys is currently leading the league with an average attendance of 7,346.

Average home game attendance (April 22nd)

Team Rank Home Games Total Attendance AVG Attendance
Lamigo Monkeys 1 10 73,465 7,346
Chinatrust Brothers 2 11 66,789 6,071
Fubon Guardians 3 9 53,029 5,892
Uni-Lions 4 9 41,124 4,569


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