Lin and Loree Ending Guardians’ No-Win Drought on Their Away Games.

After 10 consecutive losses on their away games, Fubon Guardians didn’t let the victory slip out of their gloves again tonight.  As they defeated the Uni-Lions 7 : 0 at Tainan stadium, they put a stop to their 10 consecutive away game losing streak.

The Eye-popping sliding catch by 林哲瑄 (Lin Che-Hsuan)

Lin Che-Hsuan regarded as the best centerfielder in CPBL, has once again showcase his huge defensive range and the ability to catch the ball no matter how far it is.

In the bottom of 4th.  Uni-Lions batter 蘇智傑 (Su Chih-Chieh) hits one to the shallow right, a guarantee hit if it’s against other teams.  Unfortunately, it is under Lin’s territory, Lin tracks the ball half way across the outfield and makes the perfect sliding catch to take away Su’s hit.  This will definitely be one of the best plays in CPBL 2017 season.

Video of Lin Che-Hsuan amazing sliding catch. 

Let’s use this picture to demonstrate Lin’s defensive range.

Lin’s running distance on this save. Photo credit: (Online forum: PTT)

Return of the King – Mike Loree

The 2015 triple crowns winner Mike Loree returned to Taiwan once again for his 5th CPBL seasons (2012~2013 Lamigo Monkeys then 2015-2017 Fubon Guardians).  Loree was expected to be the Opening Day pitcher, but was sidelined for abdominal muscle strains.  (Read more about this here)

This is Loree’s 2nd start since returning from the disabled list and being the former triple crown winner, Loree did not disappoint the management team where he pitched a 7 scoreless innings with 10 strikeouts.

Video of Mike Loree 7 innings, 10 SO highlight

After today’s win.  Guardians is still in the fourth place in the league (6-0-14), eight games behind the league leader Lamigo Monkeys (13-0-5).


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