2020 CPBL Mid-Season Draft

On July 20, a total of 123 amateurs entered the 2020 CPBL mid-season draft. At the end of the night, 48 young players were selected and set to begin a new chapter in their baseball career.

With the annual draft done and dusted, the teams will now have until September 21 to sign those players.

As always, here is the signing tracker for the 2020 CPBL Draft. We will try to keep this blog post updated as often as possible. (Last Updated: July 24, 2020)

  • All the contracts have been converted to the US Dollar instead of Taiwan Dollar. We use the exchange rate of 30 NTD to 1 USD.
  • Instead of using the standard monthly salary, all figures are in annual salary.
  • It is up to the teams to decide whether they want to release contract details or not. As per CPBL regulations, it is not mandatory to release the contract details.
  • Normally there are three parts in the contract for the amateur players: Signing bonus, annual salary and incentives.
  • Players who returned from the MLB / NPB system are not eligible for signing bonus. However, their annual salary tends to be higher, since the majority of them are CPBL first-team ready.

Wei Chuan Dragons Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1王維中 (Wang Wei-Chung)LHPIn talksIn talksIn talks
1廖任磊 (Liao Jen-Lei)RHP---
2林辰勳 (Lin Chen-Hsun)C---
2林逸達 (Lin Yi-Ta)RHP---
3楊鈺翔 (Yang Yu-Hsiang)RHP---
4王順和 (Wang Shun-Ho)IF---
5蔣少宏 (Chiang Shao-Hung)C---
6呂詠臻 (Lu Yung-Chen)RHP---
7劉崇聖 (Liu Chung-Sheng)RHP---
8董秉軒 (Tung Ping-Hsuan)IF---
9趙璟榮 (Chao Ching-Jung)RHP---

Uni-Lions Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1林子豪 (Lin Tzu-Hao)IF---
2何恆佑 (Ho Heng-Yu)INF---
3劉予承 (Liu Yu-Cheng)RHP---
4李其峰 (Lee Chi-Feng)RHP---
5姚杰宏 (Yao Chieh-Hung)RHP---
6許哲晏 (Hsu Che-Yen)IF---
7林原裕 (Lin Yuan-Yu)RHP---
8張肇元 (Chang Chao-Yuan)RHP---
9李慶隆 (Li Ching-Lung)RHP---
10楊淳弼 (Yang Chun-Pi)LHP---

Fubon Guardians Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1張進德 (Jhang Jin-De)C-$163,000-
2郭俊麟 (Kuo Chun-Lin)RHP---
3陳真 (Chen Zhen)OF---
4莊韋恩 (Chuang Wei-En)IF---
5林詠翔 (Lin Yung-Hsiang)RHP---
6黃兆維 (Huang Chao-Wei)IF---
7曾峻岳 (Tseng Chun-Yueh)RHP---
8許宸銘 (Hsu Chen-Ming)IF---
9周奕丞 (Chou Yi-Cheng)IN---
  • July 24 – Guardians signed first round draft pick 張進德 (Jhang Jin-De) to a 2.5 years contract worth 409,000 USD (Annual salary 2020-21 at 160,000 USD and 2022 at 172,000 USD).

CTBC Brothers Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1余謙 (Yu Chien)RHP---
2宋晟睿 (Sung Cheng-Jui)OF---
3馬鋼 (Ma Kang)IF---
4林志綱 (Lin Chih-Kang)IF---
5林吳晉瑋 (Lin Wu Chin-Wei)IF---
6黃韋盛 (Huang Wei-Cheng)IF---
7劉嘉益 (Liu Chia-Yi)RHP---
8曾家鋐 (Tseng Chia-Hung)RHP---
9劉貴元 (Liu Kuei-Yuan)OF---

Rakuten Monkeys Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1馬傑森 (Ma Chieh-Sen)IF---
2林子崴 (Lin Tzu-Wei)LHP---
3許峻暘 (Hsu Chun-Yang)RHP---
4林政華 (Lin Cheng-Hua)OF---
5王志煊 (Wang Chih-Hsuan)LHP---
6邱家慶 (Chiu Chia-Ching)C---
7何逸龍 (Ho I-Lung)RHP---
8林楷錡 (Lin Kai-Chi)RHP---
9蔡鎮宇 (Tsai Chen-Yu)OF---

Full Draft List (2020 CPBL Season)

11Dragons王維中 (Wang Wei-Chung)28LHPMLB
12Uni-Lions林子豪 (Lin Tzu-Hao)18IFHigh School
13Guardians張進德 (Jhang Jin-De)27CTriple-A (MiLB)
14Brothers余謙 (Yu Chien)19RHPUniversity
15Monkeys馬傑森 (Ma Chieh-Sen)18IFHigh School
16Dragons廖任磊 (Liao Jen-Lei)26RHPNPB
27Dragons林辰勳 (Lin Chen-Hsun)18CHigh School
28Uni-Lions何恆佑 (Ho Heng-Yu)18INFHigh School
29Guardians郭俊麟 (Kuo Chun-Lin)28RHPNPB
210Brothers宋晟睿 (Sung Cheng-Jui)17OFHigh School
211Monkeys林子崴 (Lin Tzu-Wei)18LHPHigh School
212Dragons林逸達 (Lin Yi-Ta)19RHPUniversity
313Dragons楊鈺翔 (Yang Yu-Hsiang)18RHPHigh School
314Uni-Lions劉予承 (Liu Yu-Cheng)18RHPHigh School
315Guardians陳真 (Chen Zhen)21OFUniversity
316Brothers馬鋼 (Ma Kang)18IFHigh School
317Monkeys許峻暘 (Hsu Chun-Yang)22RHPUniversity
418Dragons王順和 (Wang Shun-Ho)18IFHigh School
419Uni-Lions李其峰 (Lee Chi-Feng)22RHPRookie (MiLB)
420Guardians莊韋恩 (Chuang Wei-En)22IFUniversity
421Brothers林志綱 (Lin Chih-Kang)21IFUniversity
422Monkeys林政華 (Lin Cheng-Hua)18OFHigh School
523Dragons蔣少宏 (Chiang Shao-Hung)23CUniversity
524Uni-Lions姚杰宏 (Yao Chieh-Hung)22RHPUniversity
525Guardians林詠翔 (Lin Yung-Hsiang)18RHPHigh School
526Brothers林吳晉瑋 (Lin Wu Chin-Wei)18IFHigh School
527Monkeys王志煊 (Wang Chih-Hsuan)18LHPHigh School
628Dragons呂詠臻 (Lu Yung-Chen)21RHPUniversity
629Uni-Lions許哲晏 (Hsu Che-Yen)22IFUniversity
630Guardians黃兆維 (Huang Chao-Wei)18IFHigh School
631Brothers黃韋盛 (Huang Wei-Cheng)21IFUniversity
632Monkeys邱家慶 (Chiu Chia-Ching)18CHigh School
733Dragons劉崇聖 (Liu Chung-Sheng)19RHPHigh School
734Uni-Lions林原裕 (Lin Yuan-Yu)18RHPHigh School
735Guardians曾峻岳 (Tseng Chun-Yueh)18RHPHigh School
736Brothers劉嘉益 (Liu Chia-Yi)18RHPHigh School
737Monkeys何逸龍 (Ho I-Lung)19RHPUniversity
838Dragons董秉軒 (Tung Ping-Hsuan)22IFUniversity
839Uni-Lions張肇元 (Chang Chao-Yuan)23RHPUniversity
840Guardians許宸銘 (Hsu Chen-Ming)18IFHigh School
841Brothers曾家鋐 (Tseng Chia-Hung)22RHPUniversity
842Monkeys林楷錡 (Lin Kai-Chi)22RHPUniversity
943Dragons趙璟榮 (Chao Ching-Jung)22RHPIndustrial League
944Uni-Lions李慶隆 (Li Ching-Lung)18RHPHigh School
945Guardians周奕丞 (Chou Yi-Cheng)22INUniversity
946Brothers劉貴元 (Liu Kuei-Yuan)18OFHigh School
947Monkeys蔡鎮宇 (Tsai Chen-Yu)23OFUSA University
1048Uni-Lions楊淳弼 (Yang Chun-Pi)22LHPUniversity


    • The Pirates signed Jhang Jin-De for $300,000 back in 2011 as an international free agent. He is the kind of guy should have a much better minor league stats if wasn’t for his never-ending injuries. But anyway, it’s always good to see them overseas players returning home.


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