TSG Hawks’ Team Formation Press Conference

On January 17, the TSG Hawks hosted a press conference at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre to formally introduce the team to fans and ignite excitement for the upcoming 2024 season.

After spending last year in the CPBL minor league, the TSG Hawks have been promoted to the CPBL major league and will make their inaugural season debut in 2024 as the sixth CPBL team.

The event started with the premiere of the Hawks’ 2024 theme song “I’m IN!”. It was followed immediately by the performance of Wing Stars, the TSG Hawks cheerleaders.

Hawks Plan for Future Training Complex

TSG Hawks chairman Wang Chiung-Fen (王炯棻) took the stage and began recounting the past two years’ journey to establish this baseball team from the ground up.

“We want to be the pride of Kaohsiung!” said the TSG Hawks chairman.

Wang also revealed the plan to build their training complex. He informed the media that the Hawks had already received approval from the Ministry of Education to rename Kao Yuan University to TSG University in February. The team is set to repurpose some of the unused school buildings into players’ dormitories and invest significantly in building several training facilities on the university campus for the Hawks farm team.

First Team Home Stadium, Travel Plan for 2024

As for the Hawks’ first team, renovations for the Chengcing Lake Baseball Stadium are currently in progress and expected to be completed in April.

According to the Hawks general manager, Liu Dong-Yang, they are aiming to play at least 30 home games in Kaohsiung City in the 2024 season.

“For the remaining 30 home games, we will travel all over the country, including eastern Taiwan and the Taipei Dome,” said the Hawks GM.

Hawks New Primary Uniforms for 2024 Season

During the press conference, the TSG Hawks showcased their new home and away uniforms for the 2024 CPBL season.

The home uniform uses white as the primary colour with a gold Hawks wordmark across the chest. There are also green and gold panels on the sleeves and the side of the uniform.

The away uniform sees the team go with green as the base colour with the same gold Hawks wordmark and gold panels extending from under the arms down to the waist as a contrast.

Meet Hawks Cheer Captain and Mascot

Taiwanese baseball is often known for its dynamic spirit when it comes to organised fan cheering and the lively antics of the mascots. Toward the end of the press conference, the TSG Hawks brought their cheer captain, Sipun, and the mascot, TAKAO, onto the stage, offering fans a glimpse into the energetic atmosphere they can anticipate at the Hawks’ home games.

Sipun, who is of Taiwanese indigenous descent, is from Namasia District. He expressed his gratitude to the TSG Hawks for respecting indigenous culture and was pleased that the team asked him to incorporate Taiwanese indigenous elements into the Hawks’ cheerings.

TAKAO, the baseball-playing Hawk mascot, is optimistic, energetic, curious, and outgoing. It loves travel and carries an innate sense of justice. It is worth mentioning that TAKAO’s name is rooted in the history of Kaohsiung City, being the city’s old name that can be traced back to the 16th century.


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