How to sign up and purchase CPBL TV subscription

In 2014, CPBL have launched their paid online streaming service CPBL TV.  Fans are now able to watch the games either via live streams or video-on-demand in the archive section after the game.  (Here our article on the free stream service by each team)

Apart from watching the games on your web browser, CPBL TV is also available on Android’s Google Play and the App Store on the iOS devices.  Here’s a guide on how to sign up and purchase CPBL TV subscription.

CPBL TV – How to purchase and sign up

English Guide to CPBL TV

Step 1

Click on that green button to either sign up or log in.

Step 2

Since we’re signing up to CPBL TV for the first time.  So we’ll chose the sign up option.  After you have a CPBL TV account.  Just enter your username and password and press log in.

Step 3

Standard boring terms & conditions / privacy policy.  Check the box, and click agree to continue to the next page.

Step 4

Pretty straight forward for account information.  Your email address will be your future username.  After filling in the account detail, press submit.

Step 5

You need to check your email inbox and verify your email address.  Click on the verification link in the email from CPBL TV.

Step 6

After you successfully verified your CPBL TV account.  Log in (See Step 2).  And then press “Purchase CPBL TV icon”

Step 7

The exchange rate for Taiwan dollar vs US dollar is around 30 to 1.  All the price listed here is in Taiwan dollar.  Click pay by credit card to continue to the payment page and enter your credit card information.  And that’s it! You should be able to watch CPBL games.

CPBL TV Interface

Layout interface English translations.

How to view video-on-demand / archived game.  *Note there’s a top team / farm team filter.  so, if you want to view the farm team, you’ll have to click farm team icon to show farm league schedule.


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