In 2014, CPBL launched their paid online streaming service CPBL TV.  Fans are now able to watch the games via the live streams or video-on-demand in the archive section after the game. (Here our blog post on the free streaming service from each team)

Apart from watching the games on the web browser, CPBL TV mobile app is also available on Android’s Google Play and the App Store for the iOS devices. Here’s an English guide on how to sign up and purchase CPBL TV subscription.

As of today (February 2018), for the full season CPBL TV subscription will cost roughly $35 USD a year.

CPBL TV - How to purchase and sign up
CPBL TV – How to purchase and sign up

English Guide to CPBL TV

Step One

Click on that green button to either sign up or log in.

Step Two

Since we’re signing up to CPBL TV for the first time. We’ll chose the sign up option. After you have a CPBL TV account. Just enter your username and password and press log in.

Step Three

Standard boring terms & conditions / privacy policy. Check the box, and click agree to continue to the next page.

Step Four

Pretty straight forward for account informations during the registration process. Your email address will be your future username. After filling in your account detail, press submit.

Note: Your password needs to be at least 6 characters.

Step Five

You need to check your email inbox and verify your email address. Click on the verification link in the email inbox from the CPBL TV.

Step Six

After you successfully verified your CPBL TV account. Log in (See step two). And then press “Purchase CPBL TV icon”

Step Seven

The exchange rate for Taiwan dollar vs US dollar is around 30 to 1. All the price listed here is in Taiwan dollar. Click pay by credit card to continue to the payment page.

Step Eight

Enter your credit card information, pretty standard process. Once you have done that, press the confirm button.

The credit card payment service is hosted by Hi-Net (Chunghwa Telecom), it’s the largest telecom company in Taiwan. So, you don’t have to worry about the security.

Step Nine

This part you don’t have to do anything. Just have to wait, normally takes about 10 seconds or so to verified and processed your credit card payment.

Make sure you don’t press the refresh button, or you have to restart everything from the beginning. Just let it run until you see the electronic receipt page on step ten.


This is for the electronic receipt, you can not skip it. If you do, then the payment will not go through and you have to restart from the beginning.

Select “foreign customer” and then fill in your name and put in some random number for ID number and phone number. The address part will disappear if you select foreign customer. So, don’t worry about it.

On the E-Invoice Processing part. Click “Donate to“. Open the drop down menu, you should be hundreds different charity organisations that based in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, there is this thing called the “receipt lottery” it is a national lottery program managed by the Ministry of Finance.

You can choose any charity from the list, but I highly recommend the charity 喜憨兒 88432 (Children Are Us Foundation). They are a fantastic non-profit oranisation that provide support, education and job training for kids with intellectual/ developmental disability. Every bit of money help. You can read more about the “Children Are Us Foundation” here.

Click the yellow save button to continue.

You’ll see more data verification text message like the picture below, just have to wait it out and let it process. Do not refresh or close the browser.  Should only take a few seconds.

When you see this page below. That mean you are done! You are now ready to watch the CPBL TV.

CPBL TV Interface

Layout interface English translations.

How to view video-on-demand / archived game.

There’s a top team / farm team filter. so, if you want to view the farm team, you’ll have to click farm team icon to show farm league schedule.


  1. The site has not sent the “Registration Certification Letter” after several attempts. Unable to complete registration. Alternatives?

    • It should be though, have you checked your spam folder? Normally you should get the activation letter instantly from “” with this in the title “CPBLTV帳號認證通知”

      • That’s what I thought and when it didn’t come quickly I hit resend and then actually tried to redo the registartion. And I checked my junk (spam) folder. Also sent an email to their contact email and
        Thank you for your reply.


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