M11: Lamigo Monkeys lights magic number to half season champ

The Lamigo Monkeys is one step closer to winning the CPBL 1st half season after a 3-0 shutout victory against the Chinatrust Brothers, and the “magic number 11” was lit officially by the league.

Downs' magnificent outing, 8 scoreless innings with 6SO lights Monkeys magic number. Photo credit: (薛薛)
Downs’ magnificent outing, 8 scoreless innings with 6SO lights Monkeys magic number. Photo credit: (薛薛)

Darin Downs has pitched one of his best game in 2017 against the Brothers with 6K, 1BB, 6H over 8 scoreless innings.  Downs dominating performance last night has earned his 6th win of the season and 1st win against Chinatrust Brothers.

Downs presents an overall performance of ERA 2.24 and WHIP 1.10 this season.  If we split his performance by opponents, we could also see that he spurs the Brothers with great dominance.


It was a rare pitching duel last night.  Chinatrust Brothers ace Bryan Woodall has also been exceptional as he pitched 9 innings against Monkeys.  The Brothers ace hits a little turbulence in the 7th as he was shot down by “The King” 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) with a game-winning solo homerun.  Woodall finished the game with 106 pitches, 7K, 7H, 2ER and 3.21 ERA with 1.05 WHIP.

CPBL STATS Classroom

What is the Magic Number and How to Calculate?

From the Wikipedia, a magic number is a number used to indicate how close a front-running team is to clinching a division title and/or a playoff spot.

To make it short and simple, it means how many wins the leading team still needs in order to win the championship.


Magic number > ( G – leading team tie games ) ÷ ( G- 2nd place team tie games ) x ( G – L for 2nd place team – tie for 2nd place team ) – wins for the leading team

so in this scenario, we could fill in the formula with the given information.

Magic number > ( 60- 0 ) ÷ ( 60 – 2 ) x ( 60 – 20 – 2 ) – 29 = 10.31,
thus the magic number is 11.


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