Tseng Jyun-Yue Files International Free Agency

On November 13, the Fubon Guardians’ 22-year-old right-hander, 曾峻岳 (Tseng Jyun-Yue), filed for international free agency, and the request was approved by his team.

This means that Tseng Jyun-Yue, the young fireballer, will be posted by the Fubon Guardians this offseason, and overseas teams can start bidding on Tseng’s negotiation rights via the CPBL posting system.

“We respect Tseng Jyun-Yue’s decision, and we will offer our utmost blessings and assistance in this matter,” the Fubon Guardians told CNA.

In the 2023 CPBL season, serving as the Guardians’ closer, Tseng Jyun-Yue posted an outstanding 1.21 ERA, 0.89 WHIP over 51.2 innings with an impressive 30 K%. His fastball velocity topped out at 158 kph (98.2 mph).

“Getting closer to my dream [playing professional baseball abroad], I’m just going to go with the flow and don’t want to have too many expectations at this stage,” said Tseng Jyun-Yue to TSNA.

Tseng Jyun-Yue is currently training with Taiwan’s U-24 team, preparing for the upcoming Asia Professional Baseball Championship in Japan from November 16-19. The tournament will feature young U-24 talents from NPB, KBO, CPBL, and Baseball Australia.


    • He’s a small right-hander, which will hurt him with MLB organizations. I also suspect that NPB teams have spent a lot more time scouting him and can thus better determine his value.

    • I’m sure there’s always MLB teams watching him, because I think most of the MLB organisations have scout based in Taiwan. I guess it just the matter of price, because right now, I think Tseng would get a bigger contract going to the NPB. Me personally, I wish he can go to the MLB system, though.

  1. Now that the hot stove league has officially started, I am hoping that the CPBL in conjunction with the Hawks’ first major league season will allow each team to carry a fourth foreign player on the major league roster who has to be a position player.

    CPBL teams have had difficulty finding foreign position players who can hit well in the league from the outset. Foreign players would probably add the most value on defense, but it is easier to calculate the value of offensive production than defense.

    • I want to see 2 pitchers and 1 hitter format for all 6 teams. It would make the games a lot more exciting and forced all the CPBL teams to start developing their pitching depth and start thinking about how to keep all the young high school talents in Taiwan from going to MLB or NPB system. I think ultimately, that is something the CPBL need to have a hard think about as their 10-year long term plan for the future.

      • It’s going to be hard for CPBL teams to stop MLB and NPB teams from poaching the best young Taiwanese talent. MLB and NPB teams simply have much bigger revenue streams than CPBL teams and can hand out much bigger signing bonuses. The only way to stop it would be to ban players who sign with foreign organizations from playing in the CPBL later. However, many elite talents would still likely choose the big MLB and NPB signing bonuses.

        • Yeah, having a ban system like the KBO might help. But in the end, it all come down to money. The CPBL teams just simply need to spend more money to keep the talents, as in no more of that “invisible ceiling” of 200K USD signing bonus. I think we are a few years away from a team breaking the “consensus”.


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