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CTBC Brothers News: Shawn Morimando

Less than a month into the 2023 CPBL season, the CTBC Brothers have lost one of their starting pitchers, Shawn Morimando, due to a season-ending injury.

The first red flag sighting was on April 7, when the team sidelined Shawn Morimando due to discomfort in his left elbow.

After extensive medical examinations, on April 20, the CTBC Brothers announced that Shawn Morimando suffered a torn left elbow tendon and will undergo season-ending surgery in the United States.

“An injury like this and looking at losing a whole season is a lot for me to process,” said Shawn Morimando.

The Brothers GM revealed that the team have already extended Shawn Morimando’s contract until the 2024 season. According to Liberty Sports, Shawn Morimando will return to Taiwan in August for rehabilitation and prepare for the next season.

“I appreciate the Brothers for the contract extension to next year and for giving me time to get healthy so I can return strong and be my best self to help the team win,” said Shawn Morimando.

The 30-year-old American left-hander finished his 2023 season pitching only six innings with a 0.00 ERA and 0.50 WHIP.

Brothers Targeting New Right-Handed Foreign Pitcher

With Shans Morimando out for the season due to injury, the Brothers have started searching for a new foreign pitcher. The Brothers GM told ETtoday that they are close to signing a new right-hander, who is currently active in another league.

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Foreign players comes and goes, therefore we compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players signing for the 2023 CPBL season.


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