Brothers fans outraged over design of “Sisters We Love” event uniform

Chinatrust Brothers have announced their #3 theme nights of the year “Sisters We Love”, a popular “Girls Day” event which cater to female fans on the 20~21st of May at Taichung Intercontinental stadium.

However, the reveal of the 2017 girls day uniform has caused quite the stir within the Chinatrust Brothers online community.  Brothers fans are outraged over the promotional posters and the uniform design calling it too old fashioned some even compared it with the stain remover packaging.

Design of Chinatrust Brothers 2017 Girls’ Day uniform has caused quite the stir
Brothers fans are comparing the 2017 Girls Day uniform to Vanish stain remover.

New marketing & design company in 2017

Earlier this year, it was made public that Chinatrust Brothers decided not to continue the partnership with sports marketing powerhouse 寶悍 (PCGBROS) and the experienced design studio 沛肯 (Plugin B&V).

A new company 溱濠 (Fontaine Resources), which known for having close tie with the Chinatrust Brothers chairman 辜仲諒 (Jeffrey Koo) have been appointed to handle the design and marketing for the organisation in the 2017 season.

With limited experience in design and sports marketing, it has been an uphill struggle for Fontaine Resources.   2 months into the 2017 season and Brothers fans are absolutely livid about the marketing direction and the official merchandise so far.

The success of the 2016 Girls Day event.

Can’t blame Brothers fans for having high expectation though, since the 2016 Girls Day theme nights was a huge success.  The 2016 uniform went for the minimalist, less is more design philosophy which was highly praised by both fans and the local media.

Chinatrust Brothers 2016 Girls’ Day event uniform. (Photo Credit: ETtoday)
Chinatrust Brothers 2016 Girls’ Day event uniform

2017 Girls’ Day pre-game events

Leading up to the 2017 Sister We Love event.  Chinatrust Brothers have released a Bossa Nova Jazz style rendition of the team’s official theme song “Yellow Power (黃衫力量)”

Apart from the free giveaway throughout the weekend event, Taiwanese professional Go player 黑嘉嘉 (Joanne Missingham) has been invite to throw out the 1st pitch.  Female fans will also have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the players after the game.

Professional Go player 黑嘉嘉 (Joanne Missingham) to throw ceremonial first pitch

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