2023 CPBL Playoff Series Schedule

On October 24, the CPBL announced the 2022 postseason schedule.

Three teams, Rakuten Monkeys, Uni-Lions and Wei Chuan Dragons, will partake in the postseason, which is divided into two stages.

  • Playoff Series: October 28 to October 31
  • Taiwan Series: November 4 to November 12

2023 Playoff Series (Best-of-Five)

The first round of the postseason will feature the Rakuten Monkeys taking on the Uni-Lions in a best-of-five Playoff Series. Since the Uni-Lions are the half-season winner, they will have a one-win advantage and a G1-G3-G4 home advantage in the Playoff Series.

The winner of the Playoff Series will advance to the Taiwan Series to face the Wei Chuan Dragons.

Uni-Lions Playoff Series 28-Man Roster

19 古林睿煬 Gu Lin Ruei-Yang P
21 蘭道爾 Randall Delgado P
23 劉軒荅 Liu Hsuan-Ta P
30 李其峰 Lee Chi-Feng P
37 邱浩鈞 Chiu Hao-Chun P
40 黃竣彥 Huang Chun-Yen P
43 克維斯 Keyvius Sampson P
45 施子謙 Shih Tzu-Chien P
50 布雷克 Brock Dykxhoorn P
58 胡智爲 Hu Chih-Wei P
74 林詔恩 Lin Shao-En P
95 江承峰 Chiang Cheng-Feng P
31 林岱安 Lin Dai-An C
65 陳重羽 Chen Chung-Yu C
3 施冠宇 Shih Kuan-Yu 1B
13 陳鏞基 Chen Yung-Chi 3B
35 潘傑楷 Pan Chieh-Kai 3B
39 林祖傑 Lin Tzu-Chieh SS
61 黃勇傳 Huang Yung-Chuan 2B
64 林靖凱 Lin Ching-Kai 2B
66 陳重廷 Chen Chung-Ting SS
99 林益全 Lin Yi-Chuan 1B
14 邱智呈 Chiu Chih-Cheng RF
20 林佳緯 Lin Chia-Wei LF
24 陳傑憲 Chen Chieh-Hsien CF
32 蘇智傑 Su Chih-Chieh LF
51 胡金龍 Hu Chin-Lung LF
77 林安可 Lin An-Ko RF


Rakuten Monkeys Playoff Series 28-Man Roster

4 黃偉晟 Huang Wei-Cheng P
12 陳冠宇 Chen Kuan-Yu P
13 陳鴻文 Chen Hung-Wen P
20 陳禹勳 Chen Yu-Hsun P
22 朱俊祥 Chu Chun-Hsiang P
33 道博格 Jake Dahlberg P
37 曾仁和 Tseng Jen-Ho P
48 賴鴻誠 Lai Hung-Cheng P
49 威能帝 Pedro Fernández P
61 豪勁 Bradin Hagens P
64 王志煊 Wang Chih-Hsuan P
69 黃子鵬 Huang Tzu-Peng P
2 宋嘉翔 Sung Jia-Xiang C
11 林泓育 Lin Hung-Yu C
58 廖健富 Liao Chien-Fu C
62 嚴宏鈞 Yen Hung-Chun C
5 梁家榮 Liang Chia-Jung 3B
6 林承飛 Lin Chen-Fei SS
7 郭永維 Kuo Yung-Wei SS
25 林子偉 Lin Tzu-Wei 2B
29 陳俊秀 Chen Chun-Hsiu 1B
39 林立 Lin Li 3B
79 林智平 Lin Chih-Ping 3B
85 朱育賢 Chu Yu-Hsien 1B
94 馬傑森 Ma Chieh-Sen SS
35 成晉 Cheng Chin CF
65 林政華 Lin Cheng-Hua CF
98 陳晨威 Chen Chen-Wei CF



  1. How badly was Keyvius Sampson hurt? I am somewhat amazed that walked off the field under his own power, because it looked like the ball hit him right on the temple, which could be fatal.

    • According to the team, further medical examination at the hospital revealed that Keyvius Sampson has a serious concussion from being hit by that comebacker. Sampson was hanging out in the dugout the next day before the game. Maybe they will just keep an close eye on him for the next few week.


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