Dragons Unveil Berserk Black Uniform

It seems the colour black is currently trending in the CPBL. After the Uni-Lions and Monkeys both announced their black weekend uniform, the Dragons have also gone black!

On April 29, the Wei Chuan Dragons unveiled “Berserk Dragon”, the black uniform for all their home games during the month of May.

Dragons Were Very Good at Baseball in May

According to the team, one of the proudest moments in their franchise history is their impressive record in May. Upon checking, they are definitely telling the truth.

From 1990 to 1999 and the 2021 CPBL season, the Dragons compiled a 90-55 record and a .621 winning percentage over 151 games in May. Out of those 11 seasons, the team ranked first and second in the standings four times each.

The Wei Chuan Dragons’ Berserk Dragon uniform will debut on May 7 during the annual Japan Night.


  1. The Brothers are overworking Teddy Stankiewicz. He threw 126 pitches two starts ago, followed by his worst start of the season, and today he threw 128 pitches. The Brothers sent him in to start the Ninth Inning with a 9-0 lead. Seems foolish to make a top starter throw pitches you don’t need him to.

    • Yeah, seems like a weird move to me too, I am not a big fan of it to be honest.

      According to both the manager and player after the game, Stankiewicz wanted to keep pitching.


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