Uni-Lions Fired Yang Chia-Wei For Drink Driving

On October 4, the Uni-Lions fired 26-year-old infielder 楊家維 (Yang Chia-Wei) for driving under the influence.

Earlier this morning, Yang Chia-Wei was involved in a traffic collision and was arrested by the police after he failed the breathalyzer test. Yang’s blood alcohol content at that time was 1.03 mg per litre, which exceeded the legal limit of 0.15 mg/l.

“His action [drink driving] has severely violated the team’s code of conduct. Therefore, the team will terminate his contract,” said the Uni-Lions press release.

If the Uni-Lions did not terminate Yang’s contract, he would face a 40-game suspension and at least a 16,000 USD fine by the CPBL. Should Yang wish to return to the CPBL, he must serve his suspension and pay the fine before any team can officially register him to the roster.

The Uni-Lions selected Yang Chia-Wei as the second-round draft pick in the 2014 CPBL draft. He posted a career record of .229/.295/.363 over 462 first-team plate appearances.


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