Rare 4-3-6 Triple Play by Uni-Lions’ Infielders

On June 18, the Uni-Lions turned a rare 4-3-6 triple play against the Monkeys. According to the league, this triple play is also the 19th triple play in CPBL’s history.

Monkeys Brewing a Big Inning

It was top of the fourth, the Monkeys have runners on first and second with no outs. All of a sudden, the Uni-Lions’ pitcher Ryan Verdugo found himself in a bit of a jam after he gave up a run on three consecutive hits.

It was top of the fourth, and the Uni-Lions were down 1-0. After surrendered one run on three consecutive hits, Uni-Lions’ pitcher Ryan Verdugo suddenly found himself in a bit of a jam with Monkeys’ runners on first and second.

The situation at the time felt like the Monkeys were in the process of brewing a big inning. However, the baseball god was definitely on Ryan Verdugo’s side that day.

Baseball God Side With Uni-Lions

Monkeys’ hitter Kuo Yen-Wen ripped a screaming liner directly into the glove of second baseman Yang Chia-Wei. After making the catch, Yang quickly threw it to first base then fired back to second base to complete the rare 4-3-6 triple play.

In just three pitches, Ryan Verdugo managed to defuse the bomb on the field and had a huge grin on his face as he walked back to the dugout.


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