TSG Secures Rights for Burger King in Taiwan

After gaining footholds in professional sports, entertainment and education industries, Taiwan Steel Group is spreading its wings into the fast food sector.

On March 27, Economic Daily News reported that Taiwan Steel Group (TSG), the parent company of the TSG Hawks baseball team, has obtained Burger King’s exclusive operating rights in Taiwan. The fast-food franchise was previously owned by Nexus Point, a private equity firm, since 2017.

As of today, Taiwan has 96 Burger King stores, generating an annual turnover of 73.3 million USD. According to TSG, they are planning to add more than 30 new Burger King stores soon.

In Taiwan, the fast food chain restaurant market is dominated by McDonald’s, currently sitting at 409 stores. It is followed by MOS Burger with 309 stores and KFC with 189 stores. (Data via TTV News on December 28, 2023)

TSG Eyeing the Media Industry

It seems TSG doesn’t want to slow down with their expansion. Back in January this year, Taiwan Steel Group chairman 謝裕民 (Hsieh Yu-Min) told Mirror Media that there is a possibility of the company purchasing or establishing a TV station in the second half of 2024.

Since April 2023, rumours have circulated that TSG is eyeing Mirror TV. In recent months, TSG has also acquired control of two online news outlets, RWNews and Taiwan People News. Piece by piece, TSG is slowly putting together its own media empire.

Possible Burger King and TSG Hawks Collaborations

Similar to the Uni-Lions, which is the shortened form of Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions, could we expect the TSG Hawks to change their team name to “TSG Burger King Hawks” in the near future?

Perhaps there’s potential for them to feature a Burger King patch on the Hawks’ uniform and host Burger King theme nights. Maybe they could even have the actual Burger King mascot attend Hawks’ home games alongside the team’s other mascots. I suppose it’s one of those things we’ll find out in the next few CPBL seasons.


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