Team Taiwan 25-man roster predictions for 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship

With Korea announced their final 25-man roster earlier today.  Team Taiwan will announce their roster for the 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship on Oct 11th.  And here’s the roster prediction from the team at CPBL STATS.

Our prediction is based on the following facts:

  • Manager 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) previously mentioned that the backbone of this Taiwanese U24 squad will made up by players from Lamigo Monkeys.
  • For the 3 wild card spot, the skipper is thinking bringing
    • Closer 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun)
    • Catcher 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu)
    • NPB Chiba Lotte Marines LHP 陳冠宇 (Chen Kuan-Yu)
Official poster of the upcoming 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship, Atsunori Inaba will lead team Japan
Official poster of the upcoming 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship

Team Taiwan 25-man roster prediction


陳冠宇*Chen Kuan-YuChiba Lotte Marines (NPB)LHP27633.291.40-
宋家豪Sung Chia-HaoRakuten Eagles (NPB)RHP253.15.402.40-
林政賢Lin Cheng-HsienFubon GuardiansLHP2278.13.791.52131
林樺慶Lin Hua ChingLamigo MonkeysRHP23106.15.251.5894
黃亦志Huang Yi-ChihFubon GuardiansRHP2568.26.421.6977
王玉譜Wang Yu-PuUni-President LionsLHP2117.14.151.33119
施子謙Shih Tzu-ChienUni-President LionsRHP2319.24.121.47120
吳哲源Wu Che-YuanChina-Trust BrothersRHP24333.001.36165
朱俊祥Chu Chun-HsiangLamigo MonkeysRHP22376.041.5778
王躍霖Wang Yue-LinLamigo MonkeysRHP26573.471.15143
陳韻文Chen Yun-WenUni-President LionsRHP2159.23.621.32137
陳禹勳*Chen Yu-HsunLamigo MonkeysRHP2860.12.541.18195


林泓育*Lin Hung-YuLamigo MonkeysC310.3320.3730.54218127
嚴宏鈞Yan Hung-ChunLamigo MonkeysC200.2820.3710.329079
林祐樂Lin Yu-LeUni-President LionsC250.2240.2690.286040
蘇智傑Su Chih-ChiehUni-President LionsIF230.3520.4240.59417153
朱育賢Chu Yu-HsienLamigo MonkeysIF250.3080.3990.61127150
蔣智賢Chiang Chih-HsienChinatrust BrothersIF290.3350.3790.59021140
林承飛Lin Cheng-FeiLamigo MonkeysIF200.2610.3260.411684
陳傑憲Chen Chie-HsienUni-President LionsIF230.3870.4640.5093145
林立Lin LiLamigo MonkeysIF210.3400.4150.5112132
王柏融Wang Po-JungLamigo MonkeysOF240.4060.4890.69530194
詹子賢Chan Tzu-HsienChinatrust BrothersOF230.3500.4030.61019151
陳子豪Chen Tzu-HaoChinatrust BrothersOF220.3360.4030.62217154
陳品捷Chen Ping-ChiehFubon GuardiansOF260.3280.4030.5097128

Player Highlights

The King 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) highlight by NPB’s Pacific League TV

Brothers power hitting youngster 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao)

The hit machine 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien)

The gifted lefty 林政賢 (Lin Cheng-Hsien)

The future Lamigo ace 林樺慶 (Lin Hua-Ching)

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