English Guide to CPBL TV

In 2014, CPBL launched its paid online streaming service CPBL TV. Fans are now able to watch the games via the live streams or video-on-demand in the archive section after the game. (Here’s our free streaming guide)

In 2022, the CPBL decided to relaunch the CPBL TV on a brand new streaming platform under HamiVideo. CPBL fans around the world can now watch CPBL games via their web browser.

Without further ado, here’s our English guide on how to sign up and purchase a CPBL TV subscription.

As of March 2023, the CPBL TV subscription will cost roughly 69 USD for the entire year. (Last updated: March 17, 2023)

Step 1: Log In or Create New Account

Go the CPBL TV (HamiVideo) and click on the circle icon at the top right corner to log in or create a new account.

Click on green button to log in or register an account. You will need to sign in every time you use CPBL TV.

Click on the grey button (其他方式登入) to log in via other methods.

Click on the red button (Google帳號登入) to log in with your Google account (email). The first time you log in, it will automatically register a new account with CPBL TV (HamiVideo).

Enter your email and Google password to continue. Congratulation! You now have a CPBL TV account and you know how to log in to CPBL TV in the future.

Note: Don’t worry about the security issue, HamiVideo is funded by Chunghwa Telecom, it is the largest telecommunication company in Taiwan.

Step 2: Buying CPBL TV Subscription

Click on green button (訂閱) on the top right next bell icon.

Step 3: Choosing CPBL TV Subscription Plan / Package

So many plans!? What Should I do? Don’t worry, just follow the instruction and I will explain each of the plan in detail. Or just click on the place I highlighted in red.

Click on multiple-months subscription package (天數型) on the top right corner. And then select CPBL full season package (CPBL全賽事2023).

Once you have done that, check the box about the terms and conditions and click on the green button (購買 / Purchase).

You will now see a pop-up window asking you to select your favourite CPBL team. Just pick a random team, it doesn’t really matter and will not affect your CPBL TV subscription. Or alternatively, just select the team with the cutest mascot.

After picking a team, click on the green button (送出 / Submit).

Then you see the subscription plan description. It’s the standard stuff, basically saying you will have access to the full CPBL season and the playoff. Press the green button (確定 / Confirm), to confirm the terms and conditions once again.

Click on the green button (信用卡帳單 / Credit Card) and pay for the CPBL TV subscription with your credit card.

Step 4: Electronic Receipt

Now, this part is a mandatory step for the electronic receipt. In Taiwan, there is this thing called the “receipt lottery“, it is a national lottery program managed by the Ministry of Finance.

Enter your name and your phone number, or just use 0910123456 (it works for me). After that, select donate your receipt to charity (Children Are Us Foundation 喜憨兒基金會).

Here is a little information on the charity you are donating your receipt to. Children Are Us Foundation is a fantastic non-profit organisation that provides support, education and job training for kids with intellectual and developmental disability. Every bit of money help. You can read more about the “Children Are Us Foundation” here.

Check the two boxes about terms, conditions and privacy policy. Select that you do not wish to share your information with the third party.

Click the blue button (下一步) to continue.

Step 5: Paying With Your Credit Card

This part is very self explanatory. Enter your credit card details and check the agreed to terms of service. After that, click confirm to finalise the CPBL TV purchase.

Note: Don’t worry about the security issue, HamiVideo is funded by Chunghwa Telecom, it is the largest telecommunication company in Taiwan.

Step 6: Success! You Now Can Watch CPBL TV

When you see this page below, that means you are done! You are now ready to watch the CPBL TV.

How to Use CPBL TV (Hami Video)

I will update this section on Opening Day.

How to Cancel CPBL TV Subscription

Since HamiVideo will automatically renew your subscription once a month, you will need to cancel the subscription if you no-long wish to watch CPBL. Luckily it is very simple and straight forward to cancel the subscription.

Click on the green button (訂閱) “Purchase Subscription” at the right top menu.

Find the subscription that you purchased, the one you purchased will have a grey box (退租 / cancel subscription). Click on the grey box to cancel the subscription.

You will see two pop-up alert on screen confirming with you wish to cancel the subscription, click “OK”. After that, there will be another pop-up alert on screen saying your subscription has been cancelled, click “OK” again.

And there you have it, you have successfully cancel the CPBL TV.


  1. The site has not sent the “Registration Certification Letter” after several attempts. Unable to complete registration. Alternatives?

    • It should be though, have you checked your spam folder? Normally you should get the activation letter instantly from “service@cpbltv.com” with this in the title “CPBLTV帳號認證通知”

      • That’s what I thought and when it didn’t come quickly I hit resend and then actually tried to redo the registartion. And I checked my junk (spam) folder. Also sent an email to their contact email addresses:cpbltv.service@cpbl.com.tw and web@cpbl.com.tw
        Thank you for your reply.

  2. I’ve signed up twice in the last 2 days, with different emails, and I’m still waiting for the email confirmation. Sigh.

    • Hiya. I’ve purchased the subscription and can’t find English commentary through it. However, my work-around: play the subscription (in proper HD) game on one browser tab with the sound off, then play the free Yahoo version on another tab with the sound up. Get them in sync and there we go – Richard and Wayne in English over the excellent picture of the official footage. 🙂

      If anyone finds Richard and Wayne on the paid version please let me know!

  3. Excellent guide – thank you! I got my registration email instantly, signed up, got my text message from my credit card to allow payment. Said yes, payment went through, and now my registration and account is complete.
    You are a star! Thank you so much from the UK (and come on the Guardians!).

    • Because this is a brand new service. I haven’t got a chance to test the CPBL TV 2.0 steaming quality and capabilities yet.

      That’s why I don’t want users of this guide to locked themselves into a 90 day option.

      Once the season start, I will update this blog post and add the 90-day option.

  4. Thank you so much for this!
    I don’t have a google account – do you think they will let me use another email provider to log in?

  5. A 12-month subscription to CPBL.TV in 2021 was 1299 NTD.

    A 12-month subscription to Hami’s CPBL service for the 2022 season is 3324 NTD, a nearly 300% increase. For reference, a yearly subscription to MLB.TV, with 30 teams and a total of over 2430 games per season, is 3728 NTD.

    Of course, with Hami you could subscribe to only those months covering the regular season, April-October, in which case the cost will be 1939 NTD, a 50% increase over 2021 if you never watched anything in the offseason or preseason.

    Do subscribers get any additional service or content for these seemingly unreasonable increases, or is this just another money grab?

    • I don’t think it is fair to compare CPBL TV with MLB. Yes, it is baseball, but it is also two completely different markets.

      Is Japan’s Pacific League TV pricing fair when comparing to MLB TV? Why should MLB TV, Pacific League TV and CPBL TV charge some much when KBO and ABL games are free to watch online?

      I actually don’t have a problem with the new CPBL pricing to be honest. In my opinion, the old CPBL TV subscription price was too low, the current price is about right.

      But at the end of the day, let’s just let the market decide whether this new pricing is reasonable or not. If fans think it’s too expensive and none of them are buying it, then I’m sure the league will lower the subscription price next year.

      By the way, there was a report the other day that the CPBL TV have sold close to 10,000 subscriptions in less than 2 days.

      • Thank you for your comments, Rob.

        Could you perhaps elaborate on why it’s not fair to compare these two essentially similar services?

        “Is Japan’s Pacific League TV pricing fair when comparing to MLB TV?” Absolutely not. But many Japan entertainment products/services are overpriced and PA League is no exception.

        Can I assume since you ignored the question that Hami/CPBL is not offering additional content or service for it’s 300% price increase?

        • Well, we are talking about an young Taiwan baseball market vs an extremely matured and developed USA baseball market.

          By the way, how much do you think is fair for CPBL TV to charge their subscribers?

          According to multiple GM in the CPBL, the old CPBL TV pricing is simply not working. It is not generating enough revenues to cover the maintenance cost and other overheads. And without revenues, there isn’t much they can do anything to make CPBL TV better.

          As for the new features, there’s an in-game chatroom. Also the new video player seems a lot smoother and better optimised than the old CPBL video player.

          But again, I only watched 2 games so far. I need more sample size before I can comment on that.

          Like I said before, I am a firm believer in letting the market decide the pricing. And I do encourage people to vote with their wallet if they don’t like the new CPBL TV pricing.

          Also may I first ask what is the point of this discussion? Because I am not a decision maker in the league. Even we do come to a conclusion it is indeed a cash grab, then so what? What I can do as a blogger?

          • I was a subscriber for several years because the service was reasonably priced. I don’t mind a small increase but 300% is obscene and clear disregard for those who have been loyal customers.

            If there’s no point in having this discussion, why ask me questions? Much of social media is simply exchanging opinions.

          • I am a subscriber since day one from the 299 NTD per season. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the new pricing.

            And based on the news, the CPBL TV sold more subscriptions in one day than what they sold in a year (previous year). Obviously people are okay with the new pricing.

            Like I said before. Vote with your wallet if you don’t agree with the price.

            Everybody values things differently. You and I clearly don’t share the same view on the pricing. Which is perfectly okay, I am not here to change your view on this.

            As for asking you questions, I am just curious what people think is a fair price for CPBL TV that’s all.

  6. I am having so many problems with this. First I went through the steps of processing an order and then it kept telling me my phone number was wrong then when I get to the credit card my bank wouldn’t let the transaction happen because of security they called me I proved that yes I was trying to make the transaction so they told me to re-process it and I did only to have the phone number issue come up about five times and the credit card issue continued to happen. So when I got up this morning I had 13 pending transactions for $9.68 on my checking account. Was never able to get to the confirmation part so the pending transaction should just fall off of my account. I’m questioning whether I should try it again tonight and see if it works. I really hope I get this figured out so I can watch my son.

    • Hi Terri, I also ran into the similar issues with the wrong phone number and ended up with 4 extra “pending transactions” on my cards.

      Don’t worry, the pending transactions (failed orders) will disappear after a few days and it will not go through as a confirmed payment. Well, at least that’s what happened to my bank anyway.

      As for the phone number, need to remember to use the international country code with a + sign in front of the number.

      Or alternatively, you can just use a random number. “0910123456” that’s the number I used and it worked for me.

      Anyway, I hope this will help.

  7. It does help! So 3 of the 13 transactions already fell off. I was able to get the order to process using that same random number that you suggested. So out of 14 transactions, 1 went through, 3 have been reversed and waiting on the other 10 to be reversed soon…ha ha!

    • Yeah, it should be okay. As long you didn’t see the confirmed payment screen, those pending transactions will disappear after a few days.

      Also happy to hear you got the CPBL TV to work! Remember to check back to this blog post on how to cancel your subscription.

  8. Well I thought it was going to work but now I get an error about “iTunes store being unavailable” which I don’t even know why iTunes has anything to do with this, so I guess I need to ask my kids. I still have not got it to connect to any of the games. I have been looking for an email so that I could just email HamiTV directly but all I can find is a phone number and since I don’t speak Mandarin that doesn’t help much. I may need to get Bradin’s wife to help me since she does speak Mandarin. Anyway thanks for your help. I do appreciate you trying.

  9. Hi, I’m in the US and I just subscribed for the ’22 season through the Hami website. My question is whether there is a way to watch through and app on my iPhone. If so, what is the app? It appears that the Hami Video app is not available through the US App Store.

    • I’ll need to change the guide on this. I think there is a region lock on the Hami Video APP. You can get around that if you are on the Android system, but apparently not possible on iOS devices.


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