CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #295

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Rakuten Monkeys News: Elián Leyva

On August 26, the Rakuten Monkeys announced the release of Elián Leyva. The 34-year-old Cuban right-hander finished his 2023 CPBL season with a 3.88 ERA and 1.46 WHIP over 67.1 innings.

“Elián Leyva pitched well in the first half season, but the coaching team noticed a decline in his performance in the second half season. This is why we have decided to let him go,” said the Monkeys manager.

Rakuten Monkeys News: Sato Yoshinori

With the deregistration of Elián Leyva from the active roster, the Monkeys have registered 33-year-old Japanese right-hander Sato Yoshinori. According to the Monkeys’ manager, Sato Yoshinori will make his CPBL first team debut on August 28 against the Guardians.

As of today, the Monkeys currently have Bradin Hagens, Brooks Hall, Jake Dahlberg, Sato Yoshinori and Pedro Fernandez as their foreign players. With the August 31 trade deadline approaching, the Monkeys must soon set their final four foreign players to finish the remaining 2023 season.

Further Readings

Foreign players comes and goes, therefore we compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players signing for the 2023 CPBL season.


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