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How to Watch CPBL Games (Streaming Guide)

There are many different ways to watch the CPBL games during the season, either via the traditional TV broadcast or through various online streaming platforms such as Twitch and Hami Video (CPBL TV).

In the 2022 season, only the Fubon Guardians offer free streaming on their Twitch channel. The rest of the teams in the league will be on a subscription-based pricing model.

(Last updated: March 31, 2022)

Streaming CPBL Games via CPBL TV (HamiVideo)

Just like MLB TV, there is a CPBL equivalent called CPBL TV. It cost roughly 9.50 USD (277 NTD) per month. It will provide access to live streaming and video-on-demand service.

Streaming CPBL Games via Twitch

Warning: Twitch subscription only covers each team’s 60 home games, it doesn’t include the other 60 away games. If you want full coverage, you will need to purchase subscription for all the teams.

  • Fubon Guardians on Twitch (Free)
  • CTBC Brothers on Twitch (US$2.50 per month)
  • Uni-Lions on Twitch (US$2.50 per month)
  • Rakuten Monkey on Twitch (US$2.50 per month)
  • Wei Chuan Dragons on Twitch (US$2.50 per month)
  • Index page to keep track of all the teams on Twitch (See above pricing)

Note: 2.50 USD per month is the pricing in Taiwan. Since Twitch set their subscription price differently per region, you will need to check your local pricing.

  • Taiwan: NT$ 77 per month
  • USA: US$ 4.99 per month
  • Japan: ¥600 per month
  • Canada: CA$ 6.99 per month
  • UK: £3.99 per month
  • Australia: A$ 7.99 per month