Inspired by the recent MLB announcement, where players will wear special nickname uniform during the Players Weekend which will take place from Aug 25 to 27th.  For CPBL fans, the idea of having nicknames on uniforms is not new to them at all, as the Lamigo Monkeys have been doing that since 2014 during spring training.

Idea Behind Nickname Uniforms

The idea of having nickname uniforms started off as fan service and hoping to generate some buzz during the spring training.  The nickname uniform is not only limited to players, even coaches and team staff will have their own nickname uniform.

The idea was an instant hit among CPBL fans in Taiwan and has become a major talking point every year during preseason and whenever new players were drafted.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Lamigo Monkeys’ special spring training nickname uniforms.

2017 Spring Training Nickname Uniform 4.0

2016 Spring Training Uniform 3.0

2015 Spring Training Uniform 2.0

2014 Spring Training Uniform. The OG

Lamigo Monkeys players nickname

#Lamigo MonkeysNAMENickname
13洪 聖 欽Hung Sheng-ChinLittle Mayor
14蘇 俊 羽Su Chun-YuGoro Shigeno
15林 樺 慶Lin Hua-ChingLittle Sister
16朱 俊 祥Chu Chun-HsiangLittle Chu
17鄭 承 浩Cheng Cheng-HaoWhite Snake
19林 英 傑Lin Ying-Chieh3 Hair / Daddy Lin
20陳 禹 勳Chen Yu-HsunTownship Mayor
31游 宗 儒Yu Tsung-JuSkinny
32王 溢 正Wang Yi-ChengOlder Sister
37劉 昱 言Liu Yu-YenTaro Ball
38Ken RayUncle / Baby Ray
41王 躍 霖Wang Yueh-LinDumbo
44黃 偉 晟Huang Wei-ChengLittle Penghu
75葉 文 淇Yeh Wen-ChiIp man
81林 柏 佑Lin Po-YuBoyo
11林 泓 育Lin Hung-YuChubby
27黃 浩 然Huang Hao-JanPoet
60劉 時 豪Liu Shih-HaoNumber 60 / Doraemon
86張 閔 勛Chang Min-HsunMin-Wan
25楊 岱 均Yang Tai-ChunYi-Bong
29陳 俊 秀Chen Chun-HsiuNuNu
85朱 育 賢Chu Yu-HsienBrother Chu
1葉 竹 軒Yeh Chu-HsuanBlack Bean
21郭 嚴 文Kuo Yen-WenSuper Like
55翁 克 堯Weng Ke-YaoBrother Rubber
79林 智 平Lin Chih-PingLittle Brother
6林 承 飛Lin Cheng-FeiLittle Butterfly
7郭 永 維Kuo Yung-WeiRighteousness
51陳 雁 風Chen Yen-FengElectric Fan
9王 柏 融Wang Po-JungThe King
8詹 智 堯Chan Chih-YaoHandsome Chan
30陳 敏 賜Chen Min-TzuAssassin (Ink Man)
23陽 耀 勳Yang Yao-HsunBrother Yang
57鍾 承 祐Chung Cheng-YuYoyo
88藍 寅 倫Lan Yin-LunBlue Eyes Man


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