CPBL Draft System: Explained

How does one enter the CPBL Draft? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Taiwan’s CPBL.

Generally speaking, the CPBL draft pool will have players from various levels, from high school graduates, university students, industrial league players and players from various overseas professional leagues (MLB and NPB system).

With the 2017 CPBL Draft just around the corner, now it is a perfect opportunity to talk about how the draft system and players eligibility.

General Eligibility

Not every players can enter the draft, there are a few prerequisites. Only those players that met the requirements will be eligible to enter the CPBL Draft.

  • Played for Taiwan’s National Baseball Team in the following international tournaments:
    • Olympics Games
    • World Baseball Classic
    • WBSC Premier 12
    • WBSC U-23, U-21, U-18 Baseball World Cup
    • Asian Games
    • Asian Baseball Championship
    • U-18 Asian Baseball Championship
    • Universiade
  • Received a letter of recommendations from a CPBL team.
  • Top two players in the industrial league’s pitching and batting categories.
  • Top three players in batting average, home run and ERA ranking at the Asia Winter Baseball League. (CPBL Winter League)

High School Players Eligibility

Technically all the newly graduated high school players can enter the CPBL draft if they have a letter of recommendation from the following:

  • Recommended by the league or a CPBL team.
  • Recommended by the coaches from high school wooden bat division.

CPBL Pre-Draft Tryout

For those players that are not eligible to enter the CPBL draft, there is another way to enter the CPBL Draft.

It is via the tryout. It is only limited to those players from the industrial leagues and had experience in the high school wooden bat division.


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