CPBL Expansion: Wei-Chuan Dragons as 5th Team

The CPBL and the team owners have officially approved the Ting-Hsin Group’s franchise proposal on May 13. After ten seasons of being a four-team league, the CPBL will welcome the Wei-Chuan Dragons as the fifth team in the CPBL.

Under the current expansion structure, the Dragons will first enter the CPBL minor league in 2020 then move up to the top league in 2021.

Dragons’ Participate in 2019 Draft

With the approval to join the CPBL as the fifth team, the Wei-Chuan Dragons will now be able to participate in the 2019 mid-season draft on July 1. The team will also be given draft priority in the first four rounds by drafting twice in a single round.

2019 End of Season Expansion Draft Rule Change

In regards to the end of the year expansion draft, the CPBL general assembly has made a slight adjustment to the expansion draft rule.

The Dragons will now be able to sign up to a total of eight players outside of each teams’ 30-man roster in 2019. In addition to the 30-man roster, players drafted in 2018 and 2019 will be under protection.

  • Under Protection: Each team’s 30-man roster.
  • Under Protection: Each team’s players drafted in 2018 and 2019.
  • Dragons must “draft” at least one player from each team. (Up to two players)
  • Dragons must pay roughly $100,000 USD per drafted player as compensation to their former team. (30 USD to 1 NTD exchange rate)
Wei-Chuan Dragons photo from the ’90s. Photo Credit: (UDN)

Dragons’ Home Stadium in 2021

The Wei-Chuan Dragons will tour Taiwan in their inaugural season, making Chiayi, Kaoshuing, Pingtung and Hsinchu as their home stadium. Many suspect the main reason the Dragons are touring in 2021 is because Hsinchu stadium is currently being rebuilt and will not be available until 2022.

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