CPBL to Reopen 2021 Season

On July 8, the Taiwan CDC has approved the CPBL’s proposal to resume the 2021 season on July 13. After 56 days of suspension due to the coronavirus, the CPBL is back!

The “re-opening day” matchups will be the Uni-Lions vs Monkeys at Tainan stadium and Dragons vs Guardians at Douliu stadium.

According to the league, the games will be played behind closed doors with no fans. All the players, coaches and staff will undergo coronavirus testing once a week.

All the teams will be travelling in groups from hotel to stadium and back to the hotel again. At this stage, the league is planning to use the following stadiums:

  • Taoyuan (Monkeys)
  • Taichung (Brothers)
  • Douliu (Dragons)
  • Tainan (Uni-Lions)
  • Kaohsiung (Guardians)

CPBL Coronavirus Key Timeline

  • May 14: Taiwan reported 29 new domestic coronavirus cases
  • May 15: CDC increased the alert level in Taipei and New Taipei City to level 3. The CPBL postponed two games in Taipei City.
  • May 17: CPBL postponed the entire week of games from May 17 until May 24.
  • May 18: Taiwan reported 240 new domestic cases.
  • May 19: CDC raised the pandemic alert level to level 3 for the entire country. The CPBL postponed the 2021 season until further notice.
  • May 27: Taiwan reported 401 new domestic cases.
  • June 9: Taiwan reported 274 new domestic cases.
  • June 21: Taiwan reported 75 new domestic cases.
  • June 27: CDC rejected the CPBL’s proposal to reopen the season at the end of the month due to the Delta variant cluster in Southern Taiwan.
  • July 5: Taiwan reported 28 new domestic cases.
  • July 8: CDC approved the CPBL’s proposal to reopen the season on July 13.


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