CPBL Record: Longest Game at 5H 39M

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” said the Eleven Sports broadcaster as the stadium clock changed from 23:59 to 00:00 on the screen. Although fans can only hear his voice, but one can imagine he is saying that with tears rolling down his cheeks.

No, it’s not a déjà vu. Yes, it is another midnight game in the CPBL.

On October 6, the CPBL longest game record was shattered again, merely 21 days after setting the previous record.

The CTBC Brothers and the Rakuten Monkeys game at Taoyuan stadium played for 5 hours and 39 minutes and set a new CPBL record for the longest uninterrupted game.

The game went for full 12 innings and ended in a 10-10 tie. The final out was recorded past midnight at 12:14 am the next day. This is also the 10th game in the CPBL history that went beyond midnight and the second midnight game in this season.


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